Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tom's Toy

We're taking our July 4th celebrating slow and easy. We had bbq one night already. We've laid aside some sparklers for the night itself & we're making plans to see the big show of lights soon.

Decided to spend a few minutes putting up a few of my hubby's latest pics. :))

Aren't the flowers lovely? They all grow close to the house.

We call the kitty you see Sandy Norris because when he arrived, as a half-grown, half-starved stray, he looked so very much like the book illustrations of Mrs Norris in the Harry Potter books. He's kinda filled out since then - and is well on his way to being a 'real cat' in the Pratchett sense. Seems like he's mostly adopted us for now. We're trying to work him up for a trip to the vet and all that. If he is going to stay he should have his shots up to date etc.

This will be the last picture of Starbird, most likely. A bird fancying acquaintance lost all his feathered friends during a move & we figured she'd also enjoy living with him. From what we've heard back thus far, the change was a happy one for them both. He spoils her rotten and she loves every minute of it

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