Saturday, January 12, 2008

Messianic favs

Turns out the Lamb music I grew up with is not well represented on youtube or Godtube, and the Kol Simcha they have on youtube isn't the group I had in mind, but there is a little bit out there I can share.

In this video, Joel Chernoff talks a little bit about his background

This is the witness of the new Lamb guy. Chernoff's former partner, Rick 'Levi' Coghill moved to Israel years ago. In all honesty, I miss Levi's touch, but I loved what Ted said in this interview.

This is a more recent Lamb song performed in my state a couple of years ago. The dancers needed more practice imho. I recommend focusing on the singing.

Eli, Eli - by Lamb
- with strange choices on the video. I like some anime, a number of rpgs, and much fantasy art - but I wouldn't have paired ANY of these images with this praise song. At least the pics aren't too embarrassing, if you ignore a couple of symbols. Probably was not meant badly, but - kiddo - 'Eli' means Lord - as in Lord God Almighty. Sharing so you can hear this classic Messianic praise song.

Found an inspiring video from Marty Goetz online too.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

fav folk pt2 - Clannad

Whereas Steeleye Span stuck to existing English, Scottish, & French folk songs (with a few modern instruments and beats), Clannad's specialty was & is traditional Celtic/Gaelic music & original compositions. You are likely to have heard a few of their pieces. They made music for a Robin Hood series in the 80's (where I first heard them), and the theme songs for Harry's Game and Last of the Mohicans. I just realized that this means I have been a fan of their music for well over 20 yrs. They were a well known folk group in Ireland for decades based out of their parent's tavern there. The Clannad singers weren't the most famous in their family. The lead singer, (Moya) Maire Brennan, is Enya's big sister. Those other guys? Those are her brothers. They disbanded as a group some time back (I imagine they still met every Christmas ;) but had a reunion in 2007 that may mean good things for those of us hoping for another album

Here's a few pieces to show their characteristic excellence. You can file this one under world & folk music on the records ;)

harp instrumental

Gaelic folk songs

and from the old Robin Hood series (which I remember being quite good in its own right). The original series was finally rereleased on dvd in 2007.
You can hear a clip from "Ancient Forest" & "Lady Marian"

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fave Folk Fun

Awhile back I mentioned some very old favorite songs, a bit sad that I had no way to freely share music from one of my favorite bands since my childhood. Its been a long, long time since these guys were on the radio. Well- imagine my delight to find that a number of old folk, and Christian artists - even Steeleye Span! - have a presence on youtube! Hard to say how long this will last o' course, but its cool to be able to post these folk/rock classics. I could have sworn they weren't there last year!

From the comments I saw, looks like their music may be making a comeback in the UK. Yay! They have to be special ordered here. Best albums (imho) are Below the Salt and Parcel of Rogues - though All Around My Hat is also pretty good.

So here is some holiday excellence from Steeleye Span. You get traditional music credit just for listening ;)

"Gaudete" - Rejoice!

"Sing, Sing" on Earth, eternal praises to our Redeemer ~

More antique holiday cheer :))
"Gower Wassail"

Holly & the Ivy

I've loved this folk tune for years, but more recently I've come to think of "All Around My Hat" as the 'Tiffany Aching' song. Can't honestly say I know why. It just 'feels' like her to me. It is apropos that this performance was on a children's show. The content, while restrained enough, isn't for kids any more than Pratchett's Aching books IMHO - though both are very good. Fits the New Year's mindset of some folks anyway, though I suspect Nanny Ogg would have been much more cheerful about that ring business. I only wished they hadn't skipped the verse with the 'recipe' - it goes like this...

take a quarter pound of reasons and a half a pound of sense
a small sprig of time and as much of prud-ence
you mix them all together and you will plainly see
he's a false deluding young man so let him go farewell he - and
All Around My Hat I shall wear the green willow

(Once you've listened to the video, you'll know the tune - in fact, you'll likely be humming it still hours from now. BUAHAHAHA ;-)

Okay - so this video isn't so winter holiday-ish, but it shows Renaissance Fairs at their best, so how could I miss it? "Misty Moisty Morning"