Friday, March 27, 2009

Creative Freedom

"Everyone is a genius... But if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid" -Albert Einstein

I started off thinking that if you watch the video you will have plenty of food for thought without hearing much from me. ..but then I started writing..and found I had plenty to say.

Its an odd thing, but I just haven't felt like /talking/ lately, at least not outside the house where we ponder many serious things on a regular basis. There's plenty going on, politically & personally. The news is full of fascinatingly horrible announcements, and there is more that most major news services WON"T announce that concern MANY people like the possible effects of bills like H.R. 875/ S.425, NAIS, Codex Alimentarius which some claim will ban our freedom to use herbs & vitamins, & CPSIA which has indeed impacted the poor and a number of businesses. Worse it has caused many thrifts, charities, and even libraries to get rid of many decent children's items & even older books to reduce their liability - (& people have tried in their dozens to alert the news services so its definitely a choice.) -and then they wonder why people aren't as supportive of the commercial news outlets as they used to be :P Instead we get news stories that report (truthfully enough) that many people are not all that happy with what is being tried in Washington to fix our economy. Seriously - MANY small businesses are in danger of being negatively impacted by all the above legislation, and with the comparatively low ceiling Obama is suggesting for raising taxes into the bargain (I have been told by several who would know that all income from a small business, no matter how many people & supplies have to be paid out of it can qualify as personal taxable income in a number of circumstances) and its no dang wonder people aren't 'hopeful' about what it being tried! People feel like big banks & biz are getting bailouts and the little guys are in danger of being squeezed even worse all over the place!

OH, and have you heard that small business is supposed to be the big hope for turning our economy around? You can check the links out above, if you feel like learning more about these issues. Don't expect to hear much about it on t.v.

Maybe the news services are too scared to really cover these issues - I didn't think that was possible, given how large most of those are, but look at THIS story.

In the end, we find the only confidence we have is in God - so we pray and move on. You can only do so much with being 'aware.' We need heaven's favor, for certain! I have wondered if being concerned about 'the big picture' was affecting my desire to chatter. Maybe, but I don't know that this is the reason. I feel at peace within myself - and usually I like to share that feeling.

On the home front - we've got new pictures I keep meaning to share, we're gearing up for spring outside, I've learned a new craft, we've got a new pet..yadda yadda yadda... I just haven't felt like blogging about it - or even telling my groups. Maybe its the weather, which has been rainy enough, certainly, but as the temps have been moderate most of the time, it shouldn't be affecting me that much. Actually I don't feel down. I just don't feel chatty. Been lurking everywhere, but mostly enjoying myself in a low key way. Planned to put up a St Patrick's Day remembrance but didn't even do that. *shrugs* At least I sent cards...

Maybe this video about creative freedom & teaching - which is way too good NOT to share - has finally gotten me moving. Time will tell.