Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ernesto poem & pics

Finally got a few minutes to share these! Here's the pics & poem from Ernesto. (If you click the pics you can see larger versions)


Our trees dance with flowing grace
the young ones bow
the old ones brace
the wind sloughs off the old dead face
and bids them courtsey to the storm

A driving rain makes misty sky
with paley-grey great weeping eye
I do not know why it should cry
when all is green and warm

The power flickers then it fades
ends the nervous chatter o'er airwaves
its peaceful here, where mercy stays
and rest in God is the norm

A good oil lamp can put out plenty of light, as long as you remember to keep plenty of reserves on hand. We try to keep our many lamps trimmed & ready at all times. Nobody knows when the bridegroom will arrive. ;-)

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Mary Poppins NOT said...

I really enjoyed reading this. The abililty to turn a fearful time into beauty is truly a blessing!