Tuesday, September 19, 2006

in the news...

Sometimes I definitely feel like commenting on the news I hear. Usually, though, the time period for my observations passes before I get around to blogging again. Guess you're outta luck this week. :P

Definitely feel that the Muslimic over-reaction to Pope Benedict's measured words have more than affirmed his point. They even make a good case for the quotes that he made a point of not espousing... We've known Muslims who we totally respected but this behavior in lands where Islam is the only faith doesn't reflect well on their belief system at all! I think it was the 'protest killing' of that elderly nun that really did it for me. What kind of point do they think they are making by burning churches with women and children in them or by murdering a harmless old woman who spends all her time trying to help others?

I think, in time, Benedict will be shown to be in the right. But is it just coincidence that during this hullaballoo Pope Pius XI is finally being vindicated for his opposition to fascism at the height of its popularity?


My sympathies and prayers to the shooter's victims and their families in Montreal.

Very sad to hear about death squads in Iraq. That was one of the abuses we idealistic people had hoped to stop. :(((

Lord, please help the new Iraqi gov't get it under control so our men can come home!

We tend not to be surprised when we discover our national politicians are less than...um....accurate. In fact, about all national politicians have been criticized in the media so much that we (as a people) rarely credit any of them with the honesty we demand from our state & community leaders. We often go too far, imho, in not giving them at least the benefit of a doubt. Judging by their the outrage, it would seem Hungary's people have higher expectations... But why do they think Siberia would accept their minister?

Nearer home, things are going fairly well, Finally got some extra memory for the ole compies. William is doing well with his new curriculum. Tom is still healing. I've got a new toy ^_^ & it looks like Tom may get his jeep into regularly usable condition on the cheap (stay tuned! ;) Mom has seen relief from a concern she had. Its all good, though not always easy.

We are very grateful that Hurricane Florence kept away from us and didnt do too much to Bermuda. Looks like Hurricane Gordon may weaken just in time to give Spain & Portugal some much needed rain. God have mercy on the Azores inthe meantime though! Helene looking today like she may turn away from land also, but you never count a hurricane out until it has definitely gone away... We will stay ready!

I guess that's it for now!

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