Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blogging Independence

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Everybody is already celebrating the 4th around here. They have for days! Those beautiful fireworks will be shining somewhere in the area for several nights. The 4th is a big deal here, with all the military, gov't orgs, and the Revolutionary/Civil War historical sights in the area. Its quite impossible to forget the price of freedom when surrounded by so many reminders. Thank you so very much, veterans present and past, for your dedication to our country and to liberty.

freedom rings out o'er our land
purchased dearly by the blood of brave men

Also want to point out that one of the freedoms so dearly purchased is freedom of speech. That is, freedom to speak of your faith and out of your conscience, to come right out with happy sentiments as well as uncomfortable truths.

I was surprised how openly people declared their beliefs (religious, political, & other) when I first started checking out other folks' blogs. Blogging has become the new 'front porch' or even the 'soapbox in the park' where people can dare to be people again. People dare to debate the issues of the day, ask for prayer for a friend, or just share their lives.

Had a friend grouse that blogs were just online diaries. I said no, more like a public announcement system. What you announce is up to you, be it politics or how cute your grandbaby was in church today. Diaries are private.

To put it another way, imho blogging is the online equivalent of your own corner at the local soda fountain/barber shop/diner/general store where everybody meets and can have a say ~ with improvements. Your comments stick around instead of being 'interpreted' for latecomers. You can't get shouted down. You can allow others to comment or not. Even better, those comments will always come in order & can't be changed later. Anyone commenting on your blog is there because they want to be. You are never 'holding them up' or 'drowning' other conversation. You are never 'off-topic.' You decide what belongs here. Speak intelligently and you may change those your words touch.

Lots of folks are natural essayists/lecturers. & They'd like you to think about what they are trying to get off their chests. Face to face conversations benefit by sparking new thoughts but limit you in other ways. You always think of something you wish you'd said. Bloggers benefit from having the time and space to collect their thoughts without interruption. (okay you may have distractions around you in rl while you post, but that is why 'draft' & edit are such a nice features :)

People have remarked on their surprise at the large number of people who enjoy blogs. Who do they all post to? Each other, of course! Blogging is talking. People love to speak when they can do so freely. Blogs are a freer form of communication than most. You can share your thoughts with anyone who stops by ~ or just friends & family. Its great to find folks who have similar interests. That's also why people like webboards, especially when they are actively and fairly administrated. Ones that aren't run well face the danger of being taken over by cliques, but this is another reason blogs & personal websites are great for expanding freedom. The world always has its share of would-be tyrants, but on your sites, forums, & blogs you have a voice too, and that is a crucial checking power. You can get the truth out, as you know it. You can share your insights and have them expanded by other thinkers. You can talk over life, the universe, and everything. Blogs can be very good things indeed.

aaahh freedom!

Liberty will always rescue the art of conversation from her underground hideouts.

sparkling wit glows bright
only with free flowing air
closed boxes stifle life


MC said...

Have a safe and happy holiday Susan!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

If blogs are the equivelant of local hangouts, then this one quenches my thirst!

I love it. I'm adding you to my daily reads, if that's okay!

Btw, thank you for thanking Vets. As a veteran of a foreign war, I appreciate that greatly.

Always, Jas...

Shushan said...

Thanks! I'd be honored to make your role, Jas.

Nah, its civilians like me who owe YOU guys a thank you!

Diane said...

Thanks for the visit and comment, Shushan. I agree with your post on blogs, too. :-)

Hope you have a safe and happy 4th Of July there in Virginia.

Diane in Arkansas. :-)

Jodi said...

Hi, enjoyed reading your blog post about blogs. I think for me mine is my place to say what I want but also my place to say what happens from day to day so that I won't forget all this stuff when I eventually scrapbook it. Just wanted to comment back to you and thank you for the vinegar suggestion and also say yes the neighbor did mow the lawn, LOL! Happy 4th!

Mrs. House Mouse said...


glorybe said...

What a great description!
I hope you had a very happy and safe 4th!

Thanks so much for commenting on my two "forgotten" blogs (Vegas and Babbling Brook) No one seems to go to those, so I almost forgot about them too.