Friday, June 30, 2006

Split Second

Amethyst's poem struck a chord
string field that whirled 'round my mind
the dream of alternate pathways
of lives that could have been mine

For a moment I played in her shadow
in zephyr-like stream of accord
I went along her ghost walk unassuming
and savored the taste unexplored

but where would I have gone if I could have gone anywhere?
what kind of home would I choose
what hope would I keep
what languages learnt
what old baggage would I stand to lose?

my visions fail me when I think on what would be
if what could have occurred ~ had been
I gave Christ what once was frustration,
and peace has stilled those if-then's

I still have a fondness for change ~ and stability
A love for the ancient ~ and new
for silence and stillness
for resounding rich melody
deep vibrations I happily sing too

In the end I've found joy with the family I love
Change, I've found, is best dealt with ~ not sought
I take each day as it comes
enjoy the warmth of each sun
let Jesus bring wisdom to thoughts

On this side of heaven no certainty is that the path
we have taken is best.
I count no tomorrows
I accept joys and sorrows
and I'll trust my sweet Lord for the rest

(I've never been a poet, but sometimes I get bitten by the rhyming bug when I read someone else's efforts. heh)


Mary Poppins NOT said...

I like this, alot. I particularly like the part about change being dealt with, not sought. This is a lovely commentary on human nature at the peace one finds in Christ!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Amethyst is a special lady whom I adore! She is very talented, isn't she?

Shushan said...

MPN,thank you for the kind words. I started thinking about why I didn't seem to feel angst about the way things turned out/ could have been, and the answer is Christ over and over again. No matter what detours life throws up, the happy ending will come ~ as long as you know Jesus. heh :)

Jas, I'd have to agree. :)

Mrs. House Mouse said...

Really nice!