Friday, June 09, 2006

Dan Brown Novel Generator

"Archs and Archs is a shocking masterpiece!"
The Guardian

The Knights Templar have kept the secret of the blood line of Jesus for nearly a millennium. A beautiful violinist, Chloe Alberti, has stumbled upon their trail. The Knights Templar will stop at nothing to keep their secret, but can The Osirica stop *them* first?!

"A shocking tale of suspense! *****"
The Washington Post

Got this from a writer's list. Hilarious (if you manage not to reflect on how often we see these sorts of books). Have fun! Just click the image to go make your own! :-D


Anonymous said...

looks like your site has been overwhelmed by all the attention!

Here is another entry::
The Black Wand
by Dan Brown

“The Black Wand is a fascinating best-seller!”
The Observer

Dan Nelson, a lawyer, is found murdered in Seville and Dave Brown, a researcher is asked to supply expert information to the Seville police. Soon Dave finds himself involved with a beautiful librarian called Zoe, meetings in Cairo with the highly-secretive group The Freemasons and a dramatic showdown with The Assassins after a chase across through modern-day Europe. When the wealth of one of Europe’s oldest families is at stake, The Assassins won’t let anything stand in their way. Can Dave stop them in time?

“A fascinating page-turner! *****”
The Scotsman

Anonymous said...

There is an even better one here::

Here is a story for you. I didn't see a Tom on the list, so I changed it.

- Miz Beth

As Dan Brown Would Say It ...

Tom McBrainy, the ruggedly handsome, world renowned UVA professor of Cryptology is summoned to Europe to analyze the mysterious murder of the curator of a famous museum. While there, he discovers evidence of the unimaginable - the definitive and substantial proof of light speed time travel. He must work with Susan, the extremely sweet and intelligent computer programmer, in order to beat the clock and unlock the mystery.

Tom McBrainy's worst fears are confirmed when he discovers that a bunch of special ops has been murdering innocent victims, including a bunch of cute penguins. He and Susan must rush against the clock, and use their knowledge of obscure art, ambiguous history, impossible computer science theory, and speculative theology, as their investigation takes them through the mysterious streets of Rome. They encounter further difficulties when their efforts are thwarted by the head of NASA who has his own plan for solving the mystery and unlocking the secrets of light speed time travel.

Tom and Susan put their fate into the hands of the head of the DRC who turns out to be deceived by the one who planned and orchestrated the entire devious plot. As they expose the treacherous director of the Uru-Kai Agency they must also face the truth that light speed time travel was just a fabrication, and does not really exist, but quantum linking books do. When the head of the DRC is finally found alive, the bad guy tries to escape, but tragically dies engulfed in infernal flames, as Tom McBrainy and Susan look on. The head of the DRC explains that the director's motives were actually good, but he'd had too much ice cream and it gave him such a headache! Putting the entire fiasco behind them, Tom and Susan kiss in a very romantic and awkward kind of way.

Shushan said...

Its not my site, but, yes, it does seem to be a little too succesful for its own good. lol

Beth, that was very amusing!

Thanks for stopping by, folks :)