Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soda quizzles

Which Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola soda are you most like?

Take this quiz!

I like Pepsi okay but its not a favorite. Like the write-up though ~

Its like I'm on my own journey
exploring the path less taken
handmade rucksack in hand
KI on alert
for the Quendor vending machine
near the oldest of universities



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Which soda are you?

You are a very cheerful and sweet person.Everyone loves you (except for those who envy you)
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Sunkist actually was a favorite at one point growing up. I still like the color & remember the flavor with reasonable fondness, I just couldn't (and still can't) deal with the artificial dyes they used.


You scored 11 fizziness!
You scored as Dr. Pepper. you are sweet, likable, and somewhat addictive. you like having people around you at all times, but sometimes will go to great lengths (that could get you into trouble) just to have the attention of those around you. or not. Maybe you already have your own crowd. One of the two.
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Yeah, baby! Momma-san likes zee Dr Pepper :-D
(Not real worried about the crowd thing. :)

My actual favorite sodas are:: Dr Pepper, Cheerwine, Coca-cola classic, Sierra Myst..errr..Mist, & IBC rootbeer. Actually, I wouldnt say no to any old-fashioned rootbeer or sarsaparilla. Enjoyed quite a few organics from the local co-ops and such growing up.

how 'bout you?


Mrs. House Mouse said...

I'm a Pepper- you're a Pepper- she's a Pepper- he's a Pepper- Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too? LOL! Thing is, I don't like Dr. Pepper! I prefer diet, caffeine free Pepsi! That or a cold diet A&W root beer. Yum!

Anonymous said...



MC said...

Okay Susan, I like 7up Plus and Full Throttle Fury. I suppose that makes me non-descript? :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog - I loved your poem!

Nalini said...


I ended up with plain Coca-cola and the cherry flavored variety. Both are nice. :)