Tuesday, May 08, 2007


by Salar (me :)

After a bright beautiful sunset in the lovely college town
We are puzzled by changes that completely surround
There is deepening haze and a low, cloudy sky
loud thundering rumbles as we roll slowly by
pert little block houses - dark-red brick, alley-high
echo bellows of cannon-shot roaring into the sky

rat-tatta-tat-tat?! Now just what is that?
musketballs too? and smoke, like a soft curling mat
and with it bright sparkles break through the gloomlight
OH, of course! We'd forgotten tonight's festive highlight
That the Queen came to celebrate with Williamsburg tonight

Dear -do you remember the road where the locals go?
Where we park on slim streets and singly walk slow
to the Colonial grounds, to the old commons park
Well- it would have best if we had arrived before dark
While its the best place to see the festivities clear
Its bound to be heavily filled by now, I fear

So follow the sparks, the smoke and the BBOOOOMMMSS,
and we find a small road with plenty of room!
and a small girl cartwheeling her joy for the loud blooms above
There's a pull in where a couple in the first flush of love,
lean toward one another - cozy - two hands in a glove

Here the fire-lights can be seen, well many, at least
for tall pine trees frame glowing clouds billowing off to the left
edging glowing red - orange! - green! - gold! alien cloud clefts

But sailing off to the right - fly tap-dancing light splatters
frenzied small movements living like nothing else matters
but to dance in small circles, to burn bright, and fry
where the green soaring fountains escaped to the orange sky

The spectacle booms on for a many a minute
leaving us happy to be caught up within it

and now the gale rages and now its the same,
small poppings and booming as when we first came

the final finale glowing waves over us tide
then the echoing ends, the fireflowers subside

the spell is broken, the silence empty -a palpable dearth
a silence that calls us to return to our Earth.

So we retake our seats as within a dark star
shake off the moment & restart the car
A short time later - we recall where we are

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