Saturday, May 05, 2007

This 'n That

Well..we're in waiting mode again. Mom's healing from her last trip to the dentist. Seemed to go well. Hope this will be all she needs for awhile. I got her more of that 'fried ice cream' from Breyers. Its lovely stuff with lots of cinnamon in it. Very good for the digestion. hehe

Tom is resting right now because he discovered he had new grace in eating potatoes & tomatoes & basically ate too much or the wrong combination or something. He's been eating potato chips & dipping into marinara sauces in recent days since accidentally ingesting some tomatoes on a taco from a friend & finding he didn't react anymore. He only just today triggered a reaction after eating a bunch of tater tots. God grant it remains mild! Its been a huge relief to think he might not have to be so careful when eating out. God grant he keeps the gift generally. Its been a llooonngg time since we've eaten Italian foods as a family. We've been very grateful to Chick Filet for making fruit cups an available alternative in their combos. He's found them quite tasty. Good to know its there when we get stuck out too far shopping etc :))

Locally, the weather remains pleasant but greyer than they called for. That's too bad as the Queen is here and we were kinda tickled that the weather seemed to clear up for her arrival. We don't normally notice fashions but everyone was tickled to see her Ladyship's outfit. Mom called her the Queen of all the red-hatters (though in some lights it looked pink to me). Amazingly they managed to coordinate the purplish dress with the hat - so it DOES suit her, which technically doesn't go with the poem, but who minds really?

There were some spectacular thunderstorms right beforehand which is one reason why I haven't posted as much. Computers go off when the sky growls!. We haven't had any trouble personally, but there's been spots of serious damage, even in-county. Its been much worse elsewhere, sadly.

Heard Greensburg, Kansas was flattened by a tornado. I think that's the most dedicated damage from a tornado in one town I've ever heard of. Amazingly, there seem to be very few deaths though the town supposedly had 1600 people. Our prayers and sympathies with the victims & their families everywhere. There's been some decidely radical weather of late. Texas got its share as well. A tropical system would not have been worse.

This is not unlooked for, really. I can't be the only one who has noticed that our land of milk and honey has had both struck lately. The staff of bread will be having problems next, if repentance is not forthcoming. This has been expected for a long time. Some will say its global warming effects & it might be, or might not! Was watching a Glenn Beck show on the subject that seemed to make some very valid objections to Gore's docudrama. Either way, the practical causes of things do not negate the spiritual ones. So...I will simply pray for God's grace on us all. Praying a lot anyway because a number of families we've known about online are facing scary health challenges.

God, please have mercy on your people everywhere!


Rebehm said...

Neat blog, Mom. :)

I thought the Queen's outfit was rather cute. lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its just as well fewer people will be drinking it.

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