Monday, May 21, 2007

More piccies!

I finally spent some time yesterday and picked more digital images to put up for this spring. Might be nice if I got an assortment up to share before it was actually summer, right! lol You've probably noticed that the kids don't appear much & are not easy to see when they are in frame. Its a pity. Our son is the most photogenic person in the house! Sadly, that's still a household rule & I can't say I don't know why it was made. Still - I'd like to get it relaxed for Rebecca since she is now pretty much grown. Guess we'll see if this is the year.

These are from a nature drive we took out toward a couple of old mill ponds. One of the streams is now deep enough to have formed its own little island. There are eagles nesting there with some crows nesting very near them. Eagles & crows often do not get along, so this was interesting enough to keep our attention for the better part of an hour, maybe more. These unlikely neighbors seemed to enjoy each other's company, even sharing nesting materials. Most unusual!

Up the road, the trees have coped in interesting ways with the storms & man-made changes in the area. Tom was fascinated by these trees growing tall *next* to an embankment. I thought the one opening by a leaning tree was very cool. Looked like the secret pathway to Zork, D'ni, or something. :)

Best get in the lovely piccies now, while the weather remains so nice. It will get hot later. They say this should be an active hurricane season too. I'd say it wants to be. Seems like half the regular storms that have gone off shore developed a low & circulation center - though only subtropical storm Andrea got the privilege of being officially noticed & named. Its hard to say whether it will be active for us though. Some real busy years only sent us one fully charged storm per season. The rest were remnants by the time they got here - no worse than the thunderstorms that just went by. Even Ernesto & Isabel got a lot of their strength from reacting with area weather cells, rather than bringing it all up from the Caribbean. Wish I had more pictures from Hurricane Isabel in '03, but my mind wasn't focused on getting dramatic pictures - so neither was the camera. hah! I did take a few during the storm after the tree fell and Greylady, our elderly kitty ran up it into the winds. I was chasing her, calling her, & realized I had it with me. I still remember yelling to her "Greylady, come back!" and it sounded like she replied "I can't!" before rushing away. [She often has sounded like she was trying to speak English.] Anyway, I did share one or two of those shots but they were hard to see. It was very dark & water was getting on the lens of the weak digi-camera.

I hope nobody's waiting too hard for Mom & Tom to get their lovely photos up here. They have nice lenses, real training, and all but we're real slow to get film developed around here. Next pictures up for Mom will probably be her professional ones taken when she was young. I was going to scan them in for her a month or so back but the folder was misplaced so this will wait until it reappears! lol. Mom was & is a very talented lady. She was a dancer, fencer, model - won beauty contests too. Only thing she didn't do was sing. Though her speaking voice has always been lovely, she wasn't given that gift. Thankfully the Lord appreciates every 'joyful noise!'

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These are great photos! Thanks for sharing.