Friday, June 30, 2006

Split Second

Amethyst's poem struck a chord
string field that whirled 'round my mind
the dream of alternate pathways
of lives that could have been mine

For a moment I played in her shadow
in zephyr-like stream of accord
I went along her ghost walk unassuming
and savored the taste unexplored

but where would I have gone if I could have gone anywhere?
what kind of home would I choose
what hope would I keep
what languages learnt
what old baggage would I stand to lose?

my visions fail me when I think on what would be
if what could have occurred ~ had been
I gave Christ what once was frustration,
and peace has stilled those if-then's

I still have a fondness for change ~ and stability
A love for the ancient ~ and new
for silence and stillness
for resounding rich melody
deep vibrations I happily sing too

In the end I've found joy with the family I love
Change, I've found, is best dealt with ~ not sought
I take each day as it comes
enjoy the warmth of each sun
let Jesus bring wisdom to thoughts

On this side of heaven no certainty is that the path
we have taken is best.
I count no tomorrows
I accept joys and sorrows
and I'll trust my sweet Lord for the rest

(I've never been a poet, but sometimes I get bitten by the rhyming bug when I read someone else's efforts. heh)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soda quizzles

Which Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola soda are you most like?

Take this quiz!

I like Pepsi okay but its not a favorite. Like the write-up though ~

Its like I'm on my own journey
exploring the path less taken
handmade rucksack in hand
KI on alert
for the Quendor vending machine
near the oldest of universities



Take the quiz:
Which soda are you?

You are a very cheerful and sweet person.Everyone loves you (except for those who envy you)
Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Sunkist actually was a favorite at one point growing up. I still like the color & remember the flavor with reasonable fondness, I just couldn't (and still can't) deal with the artificial dyes they used.


You scored 11 fizziness!
You scored as Dr. Pepper. you are sweet, likable, and somewhat addictive. you like having people around you at all times, but sometimes will go to great lengths (that could get you into trouble) just to have the attention of those around you. or not. Maybe you already have your own crowd. One of the two.
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You scored higher than 99% on fizziness
Link: The what soda are you Test written by DancySpongecake

Yeah, baby! Momma-san likes zee Dr Pepper :-D
(Not real worried about the crowd thing. :)

My actual favorite sodas are:: Dr Pepper, Cheerwine, Coca-cola classic, Sierra Myst..errr..Mist, & IBC rootbeer. Actually, I wouldnt say no to any old-fashioned rootbeer or sarsaparilla. Enjoyed quite a few organics from the local co-ops and such growing up.

how 'bout you?

Friday, June 23, 2006


While I was attending a public high school, a popular song came out that insisted "everybody wants to rule the world." I wasn't very pleased with it. I knew I didn't want to rule the whole world. I wouldn't want to have to account to God for it! Most of my fellow students agreed that it was pretty silly to think that everyone had delusions of grandeur...the first week.

It was interesting to watch the effect this chant-sounding song had on people as the weeks passed, and the radios (& MTV) played it more and more often. I especially remember a good friend who laughed at the song with me the first week, was humming it often three weeks later, and finally debated the 'truth' of it with me (a true convert!) a month or so after that. He had decided that everybody *did* want to rule the world, and insisted he'd come to this conclusion on his own and not because he was listening to a message to that effect day in and day out. I may say it had a deleterious effect on his character. The guys who went for it become snots until they quit listening to it so much.

What made me different? My faith? Perhaps. But I was always a different kid, so much so that several friends and relations insisted I was an 'old soul.' (God made it plain eventually that He made me like I am). So some of my resistence to modern humanism may be a natural gift from my Maker, but I was also blessed to take breaks from popular culture while growing up. My earliest years included exposure to the ARE crowd in Virginia Beach, but I rarely saw Sesame Street. Some years I attended public school and sometimes I was in private situations, including a cottage homeschool system in N.C. that I still remember fondly. We ate from our gardens & organic co-ops whenever possible. We had a tv at home (purchased when I was nearly 7), but it stayed off for much of my childhood. I had the chance to know gentle back-to-the-Earthers, Mennonites, Messianics, Jesus Freaks, and other counter-culture folks. I learned to read books for fun. I observed nature myself, without another's interpretation coloring everything I saw. Most of all, I had time to think and encouragement in forming opinions all my own. I had no idea how blessed I was in this!

& I still remember the shock of kids who couldnt believe I didn't regularly watch the latest shows or want the latest toys (a lot of them were really stupid- this was the 70's.)

Why were they shocked at my lack of interest in such ephemerals?

I was really glad I liked Star Wars. That gave me some common ground to continue speaking to those who apparantly had nothing else in their lives to discuss (that they valued). Their worlds were full of oft-repeated ads, idolized images, and injunctions ~ mantras saying buy this, eat that, play with these, believe this, and you'll be fashionable/popular/on the road to success! Some of these would be true (eat your veggies and you'll be healthier) and others were... advertising.

By way of gentle example:: Remember the Song "Its a Small World After All?" Many of us actually believe that the world IS a small place after all. If you think about it, you know this is silly. The Earth is huge compared with us. It hasn't shrunk in the slightest since our ancestors reflected on the vast expanses that surrounded them. This view (& Disney's song) is a paean to motorized transport, to the relative size of our planet to the enormous hugely hugeness of the heavens beyond, and, most especially, to aircraft travel. But the impossible-to-truly-envision enormity of the universe doesn't make our globe any tinier. Anywhere the connections don't connect or don't go, those ole miles stretch out just like they used to. (Palin's Pole to Pole & Around the World in 80 Days travelogues demonstrate this admirably.) But it meant, you may protest, that we can get there faster and that the cultures of the Earth are much more connected. Yep, flight & cars usually make travel faster, and the nations do know about each other, but in many minds, wherever the song (and slogans like it) have taken root and haven't been critically examined, the ridiculous idea remains that our planet is much smaller than previously thought and that this makes it quicker and easier to get anywhere. The warm-fuzzy variegated global society suggested by Disney's song (among other sources), has yet to materialize as well. The Chinese don't identify with us all that much. Many Europeans disown any 'family' resemblance to Americans quite regularly. Tourists are welcome because they bring money. Globe Trekkers are welcome because they will probably be followed by tourists. Journalists impact the global reputation of the nation. If you, however, trust to a 'family of nations' ethic to keep you safe in other countries... Well, actually, I don't think you are that stupid. Danger does lovely things for causing folks to reconsider what they've been told.

You've been told soooo many things over and over since your early school years. Did you ever notice how often the 'thinking critically' sections of your textbooks were invitations to support the arguments in the chapter? Were you ever encouraged to consider how or whether a theory promoted in your textbooks was true? I wasn't, not in public schools! I still remember the elementary school instructor who screamed at me for better than an hour, and even threatened to flunk me for refusing to say on a multiple choice test that I was a descendant of a primate. I respectfully offered to write an answer that showed I understood the theory, but could not agree with it. This was not good enough. She wanted a statement of faith in her mantra. Until that day and hour I had thought her a fairly reasonable person, despite her earlier irritation when I read my literature book for the year over the weekend. It took the intervention of the church we attended to resolve the situation, and with their help I finished the year in a private academy with religious ties. This turned out to be great news for me. My new Christian tutors allowed me read and think as much as I liked, and my educational deficit (I was lagging well behind my potential) was largely addressed. Who do you think looked more 'progressive' to me? Whose liberality had more credibility?

Did you ever get the 'lifeboat' scenario in middle school? I did, as part of the 'great books' program in another public school. You remember how those went? You were asked to come up with a quick response in round-table discussion (I chose 'pray.') and was then told to write a naturalistic (trans: no God) response to the situation. I wrote that it would be better to risk death than destroy your character by purposely planning to harm others for personal gain. (I was very much into Tolkein & tales of knight errantry at the time and had decided the ideals presented had merit.) I thought hard about my answers, as I was asked to do. I honestly expected my answers to be tossed into the mix as one of many possibilities. Instead my answer was immediately passed over by a decidedly shocked-looking assistant instructor (Later we were told that my reply wasn't included in her teacher's discussion manual and she just didn't know what to say.) My teacher in that place was actually a better person, and didn't try to penalize me academically for speaking my conscience, she just didn't call on me much... Not too bad, except that I actually liked answering questions.

Its so much easier to write what you know others want to hear, isn't it? So much easier to assume the 'experts' have all the answers. It so much easier to believe blindly what you are told. Don't think. Don't make waves. Of course you decided to believe it yourself.... aahh IT* has such a soothing voice!

*from L 'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time"

Remember the high school kids who bought into that song "everybody wants to rule the world?"They'd also insist that no oft repeated song/music video, tv show theme, textbook, or slogan convinced them of what they then believed. Point out that the very phrasings they used came from textbooks or popular culture and all you'd get was a resounding "so what?!?"

Not that people didn't ever disagree, but even then it wasn't unusual to hear conflicting viewpoints reference another literary or pop culture icon ~ like the song above versus Annie Lennox's "sweet dreams are made of this..." ~ rather than their simple personal opinion. My own view ran the other way. I felt their voices counted because these were their personal opinions (however influenced), and these were friends. I cared about them - not the mantras they had accepted.

The earlier the repetition begins, the more certain the individual is that whatever has been told to him/her is a fact, unless they take some time to think over the 'certainties' of their existence. That doesn't often happen before a kid leaves formalized schooling, if it happens at all.

While we were on the road the other day, Tom and I were reflecting on how some people seem to mature rapidly once they leave institutionalized schooling/corporate structures. Why some and not others? Could it be that mantras lose their impact with stronger personalities when not continuously reinforced?

Food for thought anyway.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

(clickee the image to send this card or another one from 123greetings to a Dad you wish to honor :)

Happy Father's Day to my husband, Tom, & to my most honorable father-in-law!

Happy Father's Day to all good Dads
May love and honor crown your life
May you live long and happily with kids and wife
May God preserve your little ones, girls and lads
and see your household safe to heaven

and to father of the fatherless, our dear sweet Saviour

Thank you for being the one to catch us when we fall
For valuing us when others did not
For being the Dad who'll always be there
for calling us on to a better life.
You give us what we need the most
and comfort us always through your Holy Ghost.
Your peace fulfils our family
Your promise protects us from harm
Your joy gives our lives a new song
and I want to thank you all the day long


Saturday, June 17, 2006


Put some new family piccies up in my photo site. Most of them are nature-oriented, but in honor of the weekend here is one for my beloved, talented, devoted, (& occasionally irascible) spouse

Gimli on his hot rod :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Obi Wan Kenobi

Yep. I'm still aligned with the good side of the Force. Got Kenobi again. I don't recall taking one of these quizes and *not* getting Kenobi.

He really is my favorite Star Wars character too. Has been since I was a little kid. :)

Your results:
You are Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker
Qui-Gon Jinn
Han Solo
An Ewok
You are civilized, calm, and
have a good sense of humor,
even when those around you don't.
You can hold your own in a fight,
but prefer it when things
don't get too exciting.

(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)

Click here to take the "Which Star Wars character are you?" quiz...

The Fear of the Lord

Got inspired by a blog..only to realize the writer has long since ceased to tend that particular garden. So I'll add my tuppence here. :P

From Jan

"We are told to fear God- I have heard that explained as a different kind of fear, not a "bad" fear. What do you think it means to fear God? Is there a better word, or is that simply what it is, to have the same intense feeling that is fear?"

From Fred

"Well I don't know if I know the answer to your question or not, but I think Proverbs 9:10 sheds a little diffrent light on the fear of God. It says The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. This kind of couples wiht Proverbs 8:13 which says To fear the Lord is to hate evil: I hate pride and arrogance,evil behavior and perverse speech." My note in my bible says The phrase "fear of the Lord" doesn't mean fright or terror. it means "a good relationship with God" based on reverence and respect for him and his commands. Here, for instance, the fear of the lord means righteous living. So I don't really know how to answer your question exactly. But I do know that fear of the lord doesn't seem to mean fear as we usually know it. I don't think we should be scared of God...but let's recognize his greatness and be humbled by that."

from Zack::
"For when they tried to look as Aslan's face they just caught a glimpse of the golden mane and the great, royal, solemn, overwhelming eyes; and then they found they couldn't look at him and went all trembly" - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I just finished reading this, and thought of your blog.

I agree that knowledge of the Lord will (or should) bring fear and trembling. I will compare it to the fear I got when I leaned over the railing at Niagara Falls. To behold such power, magnificence, beauty, and awesomeness. To realize how powerless and tiny I am in comparison. To have knowledge of the Lord, to me, is to realize how little control I have, and to understand how much Greatness is beyond and around me. God created everything. I guess this type of 'fear' is more like 'reverence' or 'awe-struckness'. However, along with this (and more than this) I was also 'afraid' of Niagara Falls. The slight butterflies in the stomach. The heart begins to race. As I leaned over the rail, I was afraid, but I also was extremely alive! To be so close to such awesomeness was scary yet exhillarating. If Niagara falls is this magnificent, what can we say of its Creator? Niagara Falls must be like watching a dripping faucet as compared to the face of God.

I thought of Aslan too. C.S. Lewis was trying to help a modern audience understand what deep adoration the sudden appearance of He who is perfect wisdom, strength, and purity would inspire. Its not an easy topic for mortals.

God is good. God is completely just. God is the source of all wisdom. God is also the ultimate power not only in, but beyond the universe. Proverbs 16:14 mentions that there is death in the anger of a king. How much more is this true of God?

It is great to understand God is so wonderful that He actually deserves all of our love and adoration. It is amazing to contemplate His Love for us, awesome to consider His glory, humbling to understand how unworthy we are of His attention (let alone of so much sacrifice on His part) and terrifying to know what we really deserve at His nail-scarred hands.

"The fear of the Lord" which brings wisdom can encompass all of this.

IMHO limiting our understanding of the "fear of the Lord" to awe is not good. Awe is hard to get a grip on when we have little sense of the restrained power that actually confronts us. More folks would behave themselves better if they thoroughly understood that "the (meek and mild) image (of Jesus) we present" (Michael Card, "Scandalon") is not a complete picture of Messiah/God.

I think people forget that God is not bound by the same limitations Christians have.

Christians are not to judge because that is God's job. (2 Tim 4:1, Heb 12:23) It is He who judges all sinners who do not repent (2 Peter 2:9) AND chastises His erring children (Heb 12:7). Christians do not seek vengence because vengence belongs to the Lord (Heb 10:30). Christians are ordered to refrain from strife whenever possible because "the Battle Belongs to the Lord." ( Google credits this song to Petra, but I know it from one of John Michael Talbot's praise albums) 2 Chron 20 :15, Prov 21:31, 1 Tim 2:2, James 3:17, Rom 12:18,

Whenever we call down judgement on one another, we are judged equally harshly ourselves. (Matt 7 :1-2 , Luke 6:37) Whenever we refuse to forgive others, we put ourselves square in the path of God's wrath. (Matt 6:15 )

God is meek and mild to those who will receive Him that way, but a literal Holy terror to those who will not receive His mercy. The only wise posture to adopt before an all-knowing, all-powerful Judge is thankful humility for the clemency you receive from Him (because we have all transgressed against Him).

A healthy fear of the Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom as it discourages you from making decisions that put you on the wrong side of God's promises.

Acceptance of His forgiveness is the next step.

"Our God is an awesome God! He reigns from Heaven above in wisdom, power, and love. Our God is an awesome God."
Rich Mullins, 'Awesome God'

Friday, June 09, 2006

Dan Brown Novel Generator

"Archs and Archs is a shocking masterpiece!"
The Guardian

The Knights Templar have kept the secret of the blood line of Jesus for nearly a millennium. A beautiful violinist, Chloe Alberti, has stumbled upon their trail. The Knights Templar will stop at nothing to keep their secret, but can The Osirica stop *them* first?!

"A shocking tale of suspense! *****"
The Washington Post

Got this from a writer's list. Hilarious (if you manage not to reflect on how often we see these sorts of books). Have fun! Just click the image to go make your own! :-D

Thursday, June 08, 2006


You Are a Boston Terrier Puppy

Aggressive, wild, and rambunctious.
Deep down, you're just a cuddle monster.

You Are an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

On the surface, you're a little plain - but you have many subtle dimensions to your personality.
Sometimes you're down to earth and crunchy. Other times, you're sweet and a little gooey.

You Should Drive a Jaguar XK 4.2

You don't care how you get there as long as you get there with class.
And having a little power doesn't hurt either!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Counterfeit tracts?

Hard to believe this really happened, but it seems the Secret Service can't tell the difference between money meant to fool people into thinking it is real and a made-up Bible tract 'million dollar bill' that was clearly marked "not legal tender." They seized, as counterfeit money, a pile of evangelical tracts asking 'the million dollar question' after a woman allegedly tried to deposit one in her bank.

If you couldn't tell this was not intended to be taken for real money after handling it for 10 seconds or less, either your mind or your eyesight is going.

I agree that the Secret Service's admonishments to change the design should be followed, but not because of their counterfeiting claims. Rather, I am concerned that a tract that may appeal to people's greed may be only too successful. Frankly, having tracts that look too much like money - on both sides - could represent a dangerous temptation to a desperate person who hadn't seen them up close. The ministers who pass them out are at risk. The recipients are as well. Seriously people, if you are that in love with the design, obviously change the size, change the back so its more obviously a tract, or at least make the ink purple....

That can you counterfeit something that doesn't have a real counterpart? The US mint doesn't make real million dollar bills.

Clickee image for more details & links

from Cedric's blog.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Surveying the Scene

1. Grab the book nearest to you,
Turn to page 18, and find line 4...

"1 Tablespoon of dried oregano"

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
What can you touch?

Becka's artist's easel

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

"In Search of Eden" w/ Dr David Rohl (unless you count Spyro: A Hero's Tale on the GC)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is. 5:16 p.m.

5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 5:36 p.m.

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Zola Levitt documentary on Ezekial & our fussing peach-faced lovebird

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Tom & I were out a few minutes ago, coming in from taking care of a few things around the county. We spent a few minutes watching the black-capped chickadee who was dancing on our clothesline.

8. Before you started this survey, what were you doing?
checking my mail

9. What are you wearing? a homemade, black crepe cotton skirt & a new dark blue cotton top

10. Did you dream last night? I can't remember exactly what I dreamed last night. All I can recall was that it was pleasant enough. Sorry to disappoint you.

I did have this weird dream recently. In it I was visiting a friend's house in Victorian London and noticed a wriggling oriental carpet by the front door. A couple of roughs said they were going to be picking it up in a minute. Concerned, I cut it open and found a detective half-asphyxiated inside. I exchanged 'Sherlock' with a pile of linen and hid him in linen cupboard until after the other men left. After he recovered, we tried to find out how he ended up in that situation. I got to ride old steam locomotives, wear period costumes, explore quaint villages for clues etc. No sense of real danger so it was all fun.

Yes, I dream in color.

11. When did you last laugh?
This morning during breakfast. Someone had accidentally mooshed some bread I was going to use for toast. It looked pretty silly

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
A framed crochet fan, 2 crochet framed doilies, an antique gilt-framed chalk image of an angel by a stream in a forest (probably done by a relation), an oil representation of an ancester (in an even older gilt frame), an antique illuminated Madonna print, Jesus knocking on the door (modern), an antique image of Jesus praying, and a wonderful sketch of Jesus with tears in His eyes for the lost. (Much of this is my Mom's.)

13. Seen anything weird lately?
There are days when everything seems weird...

14. What do you think of this quiz?
I found it different enough from the ones I've already done to interest me. ;-)

15. What is the last film you saw?
in the theater or on dvd? I think the last movie we watched on dvd was "The Day After Tomorrow." I think the last movie I went to see was "The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe." I do expect to go soon & see "Over the Hedge" though

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, What would you buy first?

To quote the Lord High Executioner from the Mikado, "I have a Little List." (of things I'd upgrade :) I believe I'd start with my sewing machine.

17. Tell us something about you that we didn't know before.

Oh sure, but before I get into that...

"Did you ever hear the joke about the wild boar in the forest of the spirits? Its hehehe so funny hehehe *wwzzsshhhaaxxx*

*sspphhttzzptth* need *zzxxccssh* a new battery *wwiixxzzzcchpptthh*

*sxxzzaapp* and that's the only way to get past him when the time comes. I hope you remember that!"

(Wizard Trembyle from Return to Zork)

18. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be.

If every heart overflowed with love for one another, most of the world's problems could be fixed shortly thereafter.

19. Do you like to dance?
I used to like Messianic (Jewish) line dancing & certain aerobic routines. heh

20. Should Christians get involved in politics?
Like it or not, political powers involve themselves in our affairs, defining freedoms and requirements, so there are times when I'd have to say "yes!"

21. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

A working linking book to to my very own cottage in paradise ;-)

22. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

There are many places on Earth I'd like to see sometime & several I want to see again.

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

I haven't seriously considered the matter.

24. What do you want God to say to you
when you meet Him face to face?

Well done! Welcome home!

25. What was the last music you heard?

"You Are My Salvation" by Lamb

Thursday, June 01, 2006

the Age of Ayalon

I always believed a deep, habitable, cave ecosystem was possible. You just gotta read this

The cave, which has been dubbed the Ayalon Cave, is “unique in the world,” said Prof. Amos Frumkin of the Hebrew University Department of Geography. This is due mainly to its isolation from the outside world, since the cave’s surface is situated under a layer of chalk that is impenetrable to water. The cave, with its branches, extends over some 2½ kilometers, making it Israel’s second largest limestone cave. It is to remain closed to the public to permit further scientific research.
Okay, so its not 6 miles down & there's no Uru city, but it sounds pretty neat to me. I enjoyed these pics of the Ayalon/Ramle area too. (click 1st image. 2nd image links to another article on the same subject.)

The underground cave includes an underground lake, in which the crustaceans were found. The lake is part of the Yarkon-Taninim aquifer, one of Israel’s two aquifers, yet is different in temperature and chemical composition from the main waters of the aquifer. The lake’s temperature and salinity indicates that its source is deep underground.