Friday, September 18, 2009

A feed from Spaceghost

One of the sillier shows we enjoyed back in the 90's was Spaceghost-Coast-to-Coast...a parody of the late-night shows everywhere. This mini-interview stars Lassie....yes, the dog. Their clips vary in suitability for young children, but this one is fine. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jesus & popularity

A devotional thought taken from Mother Angelica's latest newsletter.... (from My Mom)

Mother Angelica noted that many teachers have told us how to identify with Christ in our troubles, but very few have addressed Christ's example when people played up to him, exalted him, tried to insist in gobs and groups that he do more of what they wanted...and that is worth learning from too.

I had never thought about it before. I will keep it in mind in my next rereads of the Gospels. I know there some examples from the rest of the New Testament too... In Acts, Paul was once publicly acclaimed by a Soothsayer. In another town Paul & Barnabas were briefly mistaken for Greek deities! [Acts 14:11-22]

Tom (DH) notes that group popularity didn't seem to last long outside the early Church, even though the good qualities so briefly recognized by those mobs never diminished.... Some general goodwill probably remained, but not enough to turn the crowd back. Indeed, Paul was often well regarded by his Roman 'hosts,' who seemed to regard him as a very kind, rather eccentric Jewish** scholar with an unfortunate fixation on telling everyone about how this Jesus fellow was the long promised Incarnation, the Son of God a time when only Emperors - like Nero - were allowed to claim such things.

**Christianity was not yet seen as a different faith, and for very good reasons, but that's another discussion.

Pics from earlier this year

This is a much longer slideshow than usual. These pics are from late Spring of this year. You can see the archery lessons we finally got around to doing, pics from the flowerbed & one from the garden, roses from the bushes planted this year (yes the plants are kinda small), and more recent pics of our puppy, Jack. Pretty much all these pictures were taken by Becka, and all legal rights to them remain hers.

The next collection will at last move into summer. I was still busy with Tom, and Tom himself has stayed pretty much on bed rest from Spring til - well, he's still pretty much supposed to rest most of the time, but Becka continues to get a neat shot in now and then.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

100 yr old photos

(from Shez)

The pics in this link are all color photographs that were taken 100
years ago in Czarist Russia. I was blown away at the color and
definition. they look like they were taken yesterday. The
photographer used a technique using red, blue and yellow glass plates.
he took 3 separate photos of his subjects, one with each glass plate.

How they were made.... a little bit photo-shopped..but the data was really there! Very, very cool to see these scenes so clearly from a 100 years ago!