Monday, July 10, 2006

Lil Brown Dress makes her goal!

Congratulations! That's a long time to go without a personal update ;)

I like simplicity. I liked the brown dress idea. I already use a simple wardrobe with additions to my basic black, browns & greens etc. Just the same I don't think I would have made, let alone enjoyed such a pledge. I salute you!

Salute Smiley


Mrs. House Mouse said...

I couldn't have done it. It's not that I am a fashion maven by any stretch of the imagination... I just know that hotflashes and denim don't mix! LOL!

I read about her new project. I don't think I could make my own underwear either :o)

pb said...

Not for me, either. I rarely clotheshop, and when I do, purchases usually do at least double-duty. Play clothes are work clothes and church clothes are "fancy" clothes.

I made my own bras for years, simply because no one made them in my size. Victoria's Secret finally does, although they are expensive.

Making underwear is a thankless task: the stuff doesn't show.

Piggle Wiggles said...

Trail of crumbs... *Smile*