Saturday, February 07, 2009

belated holday pics

Meant to share this MUCH earlier... still...better late than never. Kids had a pretty good Christmas. Relatives all sent money to them. Becka used most of hers to get little presents for the rest of us. William used most of his to buy an ipod. Our toys to him tended to be more traditional - ran across a shop with old tin toys. He loved them, though the Wii Nerf Blast game from my biological father was the biggest hit of the day. He's won it already! As for the rest of us, we mostly got each other ...books You'd never have guessed, right? LOL Well, Becka got some 'pretties' too. Didn't take many pictures, but here's a few for you.

William did a GREAT job on the gingerbread house this year!


RIUM+ said...

I love the one of the cat on top of the door, it's so cute! :D How did she get up there?

Shushan said...

He jumps up there all the time. Agreed that he is so cute lookign like that. Mind you, Kellyn's the master of adorableness wherever he is.

Cynthia said...

Love the slide show.