Saturday, January 12, 2008

Messianic favs

Turns out the Lamb music I grew up with is not well represented on youtube or Godtube, and the Kol Simcha they have on youtube isn't the group I had in mind, but there is a little bit out there I can share.

In this video, Joel Chernoff talks a little bit about his background

This is the witness of the new Lamb guy. Chernoff's former partner, Rick 'Levi' Coghill moved to Israel years ago. In all honesty, I miss Levi's touch, but I loved what Ted said in this interview.

This is a more recent Lamb song performed in my state a couple of years ago. The dancers needed more practice imho. I recommend focusing on the singing.

Eli, Eli - by Lamb
- with strange choices on the video. I like some anime, a number of rpgs, and much fantasy art - but I wouldn't have paired ANY of these images with this praise song. At least the pics aren't too embarrassing, if you ignore a couple of symbols. Probably was not meant badly, but - kiddo - 'Eli' means Lord - as in Lord God Almighty. Sharing so you can hear this classic Messianic praise song.

Found an inspiring video from Marty Goetz online too.

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Shari said...

I really enjoyed the YouTube video of the Lamb song. It was very beautiful and relaxing.