Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fave Folk Fun

Awhile back I mentioned some very old favorite songs, a bit sad that I had no way to freely share music from one of my favorite bands since my childhood. Its been a long, long time since these guys were on the radio. Well- imagine my delight to find that a number of old folk, and Christian artists - even Steeleye Span! - have a presence on youtube! Hard to say how long this will last o' course, but its cool to be able to post these folk/rock classics. I could have sworn they weren't there last year!

From the comments I saw, looks like their music may be making a comeback in the UK. Yay! They have to be special ordered here. Best albums (imho) are Below the Salt and Parcel of Rogues - though All Around My Hat is also pretty good.

So here is some holiday excellence from Steeleye Span. You get traditional music credit just for listening ;)

"Gaudete" - Rejoice!

"Sing, Sing" on Earth, eternal praises to our Redeemer ~

More antique holiday cheer :))
"Gower Wassail"

Holly & the Ivy

I've loved this folk tune for years, but more recently I've come to think of "All Around My Hat" as the 'Tiffany Aching' song. Can't honestly say I know why. It just 'feels' like her to me. It is apropos that this performance was on a children's show. The content, while restrained enough, isn't for kids any more than Pratchett's Aching books IMHO - though both are very good. Fits the New Year's mindset of some folks anyway, though I suspect Nanny Ogg would have been much more cheerful about that ring business. I only wished they hadn't skipped the verse with the 'recipe' - it goes like this...

take a quarter pound of reasons and a half a pound of sense
a small sprig of time and as much of prud-ence
you mix them all together and you will plainly see
he's a false deluding young man so let him go farewell he - and
All Around My Hat I shall wear the green willow

(Once you've listened to the video, you'll know the tune - in fact, you'll likely be humming it still hours from now. BUAHAHAHA ;-)

Okay - so this video isn't so winter holiday-ish, but it shows Renaissance Fairs at their best, so how could I miss it? "Misty Moisty Morning"

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