Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News bites (literally!)

Check your tires....for the name brand! Another bad Chinese import has prompted a lawsuit from New Jersey. Why? Well, not only are these tires of poor quality but they deliberately lack a major safety feature. You may want to scroll down and read the entire list of Chinese imports that are concerning people... Remember the pet food recalls?

You may have heard about one of several bear attacks in your news in recent years. Turns out Bear attacks are on the rise. These sites claim to have a few tips for parkgoers.

Its still raining rather heavily in Dallas & Oklahoma

and in Britain they say

..Doctor! Don't open that door!

and the release of Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' has been delayed locally. I haven't liked everything Moore has done over the years. Frankly, his bias has often been more than I could stand. But I have been watching his films since 'Roger & Me' -so I know he can do good work. This is one film I've wanted to see. Not many people have the guts to take on the bigwigs or premiere their movie on skid row! By all accounts, this is his best work yet. He has already risked fines & imprisonment to help a few good folks while making it. Its just possible that his film may help a few more.

Its not great news, but sometimes we need to know about the other kind.


David said...

I'm kind of surprised you're interested in seeing Michael Moore's film. Suddenly I'm curious now.

I have heard about the rain from my folks in Tejas. It's ironic that here I am in the infamously rainy city, experiencing some rather nice weather, when they tell me it's all but a swampland down there.

A few friends and I recently saw a bear out on a hike (it was a black bear cub - he scampered up a tree and we heard what we surmised was his mama in the bushes). After reading what you've said, I won't be able to make fun of one of them quite so much for sprinting off so fast! :)

Shushan said...

Very glad to hear your folks are okay! We've spoken with our relatives out there and, praise God, they are all okay too. Only one of the vacation lake houses has been flooded & nobody was in that one. Amazing how much rain Texas has received, isn't it? Hope it fills the aquifers for a few years.

Yes, I am careful of black bears too, though most here are stand-offish or even friendly. The last ones I saw were after an ice storm some years back. They kinda waved to my hubby and I driving on the other side of the field. We've never had any trouble with the local bears either, though they have gotten a few hunting dogs, from the sounds of things in fall.

Given the extreme amounts of rabies, I find it odd that no one has suggested this (or some other sickness) as a possible cause.

I doubt Moore's film will make us glad to be an American (& I think he has been inclined to gloss over failings in the other systems) so I expect a few irritating moments in this film too - but I've heard a lot about it & I love that he has been willing to take a few shots at both political parties, as well as the HMOs and companies responsible for how medical issues are handled in this country - and show just how crazy it can be for the everyday person who suddenly needs help - and has insurance, but not enough. God has blessed us getting through the system ourselves in recent years, but I have heard many horror stories over the years & had a few stupid experiences of my own. So, yes, I recommend seeing Sicko - as long as you aren't feeling too queasy first (depending on how graphic it is, you may feel nauseous after it).

Anonymous said...

Guess you saw this one the list too, right?

Anonymous said...

Makes you go Hum??

The CDC Off Center Report

Our gov't in action?