Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wild news

I used to be one of those who seriously followed all the major political stories, trends, and so on. Then I realized one day that it was quite often making me miserable, and there was rarely anything proactive I could do to remedy the situations I was watching. So I became more selective about what I allowed to grab my attention. I sign up for e-lerts on the subjects that affect my family the most, I skim the local news, and I pray a lot about everything else. Thats the balance that seems to work best for me.

but you can always get my attention with humorous clips.

The local news has been highlighting several of these lately. In case you missed these, here are some links I found about them online.

Oooohh Riding down the highway... in a wheelchair

And these poor people are going to need the extra special strong deodorant service at the cleaners..

Was the date Jon Arbuckle? because this response certainly sounded like it belonged in a comic strip...

Bush takes casual Fridays too much to heart..again

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