Friday, July 13, 2007

Its been a fairly good day...

Considering its Friday the 13th.

The title link goes to the best discussion I can find on why people pay so much attention to the Fridays that fall on some month's 13th. Most people don't seem to be acting too weird -well, no weirder than usual.

They don't seem as worried about it as sometimes. Maybe its because 7/7/07 was only a week ago? I'm not into numerology. I don't ever worry about Friday the 13th any year, seeing as I believe God owns every day - but I could see where some might feel the one date might cancel out the effect of the other. My only interest has been a general curiosity about how the current superstitions originated.

My own pet theory, amended by the article forementioned, was that the Templar deaths had left some guilty consciences - and when the Black Death hit so hard just a few decades later - it would have been the next big thing to happen in many towns. It certainly would have left a lasting impression!

Well, at least we haven't had too much excitement here to memorialize the occasion. We read some articles & watched yet another show about the newest Harry Potter film - which inspired more conversations about said film & the upcoming book. lol We thought Order of the Phoenix was extremely well done!

Around the happy chatter, we played with the new kittens, and dodged them to get a few chores done :))

Tom took me out for a nice Mexican dinner this evening because I have my birthday this month. I may share a few pics from my birthday soon but I've been more focused on other matters - like the most recent trip to the hospital. Tom has been asked to have a few more tests done to make sure he is still in reasonably good shape generally before they set a date for the surgery - but they agree that he has healed enough otherwise.

Here are some pictures of my birthday 'linking' cake, our fireworks at home from the 4th, the new kittens, Mom at the new table etc. Just an assortment to give a sense of our summer thus far. Enjoy:)

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