Saturday, July 21, 2007

Distractions ~

We've had several distractions of late - mostly good. 'Tis the season to do the school filing & make sure everything is in order with memberships, textbooks etc. I have received a birthday check from my in-laws and spent it (plus a little from my hubby) on something fun for the family for a change. (Some years this has gone to schoolbooks, shoes, small AC units, or on emergency funds for getting our then small son out of the way of hurricanes back when he needed electricity for his nebulizer)

We now have a Wii! Yay!

We didn't get any extra games yet, but it comes with Wii sports so we've been taking turns with that. This has also allowed us to move the Gamecube upstairs & just in time too - its been good to be able to play WindWaker & Twilight Princess (GC version) from bed while recovering from a summer cold we picked up after the weekend at the Renaissance fair.

The fair was wonderful fun. We all have great memories and souvenirs to keep. William did great with his first harp lesson. Becka got herself a Celtic-decorated belt pouch, 'luna sticks' (a kind of a juggling toy), & sword hanger. William got himself a small shield (a targ?) Mom got herself a very nice purple leather purse & an Irish Rosary. I got an embroidered shirt, organic soaps, & some herbs I've never tried before. Tom settled for a tasty drink on a hot day & a cd of the group that serenaded us both days - tempered swords being a bit much for the budget. lol

So - if we had to take a cold too - at least it wasn't all we ended up with.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear the funny songs from Dave Ross that Lee shared on the list?

Shushan said...

yep! I like the 'big books' one :))

De'Etta said...

The fair sounds like a lot of fun.

Shushan said...

It was! Thanks :))