Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Have a Great Independence Day!

...if you're of the disposition to enjoy it, that is :)

Its been a wonderful Independence Day - actually, week, for us thus far. By now we've three nice bbq meals out since the weekend, as well as pepperoni & cheese pizza before the fireworks. We've seen small bands & big fireworks (twice). So today we're enjoying a quiet, delightful 4th at home. Plans for this evening, if the weather stays nice, include our little fireworks on the side of another outdoor picnic-y dinner at our new picnic table. Yum! :))

Still remembering 2 years ago, when the biggest thing about my 4th of July celebration was seeing Tom wake up briefly in ICU to see a little of a band playing on tv -- and to growl at the soundtrack from the Vonage commercial. May not sound like much but everyone there was rejoicing. (We'd all been waiting for that moment since the big surgery!) Last year Tom lit a few little fireworks here, but was between reversal procedures so we didn't do much. So I guess you understand now why we are so thoroughly celebrating this time!

Online Videos by

Hearing that some of you have been unable to celebrate due to rain or fire restrictions, we decided to share the film we made of one of the firework sessions we attended. Its not as good as the real thing, I know, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. Hope your 4th of July is equally blessed!

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