Thursday, October 13, 2005

Small Treats

This has been an interesting week!

I think I mentioned my delighted surprise to be seeing and hearing things I'd been missing for years. This trend continues on cable and elsewhere. Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett) is as good as I remembered, for one.

A friend sent me some really, really old songs I'd mentioned enjoying as a kid. He looked them up for us as a favor, avering what we wanted was cheap enough if you knew where to look. Evidently he DOES know where to look. Thanks again!

and now its gotten even better!

Got a catalogue today listing some Christian cds for sale that I actively sought to buy for years. I did google searches. I called companies. I put my name on a list for backorders. At length I gave up my practical efforts, but I kept praying about it when it occured to me.

and now a catalogue with ALL of them is sitting on the hallway table, on sale no less!


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