Friday, October 07, 2005

Breathing Space

About time I gave an update, eh?

Tom has officially reached that next stage of better. We've had medical appts every week to every other week now so long it had become a way of life ~ but now we get a real break.

He only has that last procedure to reverse a temporary measure he lives with for now, and then...he should be done! Gotta hope, because we've heard this before. Still, he's looking good as far as his doctors are concerned. He is moving much better, and since he was wide open for the major surgery there are no more mysteries about whats been plaguing him for so many years. They don't think he will grow back any of that nonsense, but they will check directly when 'replugging' him.

But thats later.

Now we can focus, at last, on normal living for a couple of months. Our son has outgrown his shoes again. My daughter and I have projects in hand. Tom has been able to clear to the woods again and is tinkering with some improvements around the house. We are enjoying having cable back as they finally added the Christian channels and improved the programmable filter. Its been great to see Poirot, new documentaries, and funny animal clips. The only downside is that this also cuts into the time I used to spend online. Seems like everybody in the family (except my son) spends more time online than I do lately. Ah well, " every silver lining has a touch of grey" as Jerry G would say...or sing.

There's been plenty of good news in our circle. One of Tom's friends is back, found a good job, and got married recently. My favorite group of people in the entire northwest finally caught a break. Myst V is out and I found the collectors edition at CompUSA for ten dollars off (essentially a free upgrade). Looks like the authorities have caught the bad'un they were looking for in our area. Been hearing and seeing favorites I thought were lost forever on an almost daily basis. etc etc Basically, we've tons of blessings to thank God for these days.

but what about...?

Yes, I know. There's been great cause for sadness. There are many collections for the victims in our area too. There's a lot of stupidity being tried on right now too. I pray about it often. We'll have to get involved again one of these days. I don't think we could stand not to help, eventually.

But right now we are really enjoying the breathing space God has seen fit to grant us. :)

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