Monday, October 22, 2007

Our first web comic

Becka has put up a set of pictures that I hope everyone who stops in will wander over and enjoy -

She did all the graphic work on these, and I think she may be rightfully pleased with her work. Its also the first time that one of the comic little scenes I've dreamed up has been put online.

She has written some artist notes about each picture & all that. :)

If I find my sketchbook, I may scan in a few of my old cartoons sometime. Don't expect anything manga-like or soap opera-ish from those. I only got into some anime recently (aside from Ghibli films) & fan efforts resemble what we enjoy the most. I never was a big comic book person, and I certainly wasn't into the horror, superhero, or 'Mad' kind of humor (too mean). I loved instead the 'newspaper comics' i.e. :: Pogo, Peanuts, Hagar, B.C., Garfield, Rose is Rose, Wizard of ID, Foxtrot, Andy Capp, Kudzu, Shoe, Momma, Dilbert, Ziggy, Bloom County, For Better or Worse, Calvin and Hobbes, Ripley's Believe or Not, Frank and Earnest, & the Far Side.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?


Note:: If you don't see the pictures on Becka's page initially, you may need to lower your 'ad protection' temporarily. I always have to when I visit my daughter's blog, but turning down that setting has worked to restore 'missing' photos on every blog I have visited thus far. Some don't kick off my filter. Some do.

Did you know you can still see a bunch of the old comic strips online?

All of these have a drop down menu where you can scroll through until you see the cartoons you like. It usually says 'pick a feature.'


Larry said...

I love the comics, I already have
'Calvin & Hobbs' coming to my email. I like to have the ones I don't see in my morning paper.
Nice blog, I found you on 'The Michael Card Forum' :)

Shushan said...

Hello Larry :))

Thanks for coming by!


Larry said...

You're welcome, my pleasure. :o))