Monday, October 08, 2007

Expelled sounds good to me!

Recently got the word from Chris about this film coming in Feb 2008. I hope it stays as good as it looks to be right now!

Dawkins, amongst others, is complaining already because they know what kind of garbage they spewed forth not realizing this wasn't another anti-ID propaganda project.

I think people can stand to hear what they sound like when the context is less 'official' and sympathetic than usual. I doubt it will change the minds of the most bigoted, but it may open some minds about what kind of attitudes are festering behind all those apparently respectable claims of 'proven scientific superiority.' I have yet to see any sign these guys are at all open-minded enough to argue an alternate scientific paradigm on its own scientific merits. They never want to talk about whether design as a theory fits the facts we have (unless its to blindly claim it doesn't with a whole lot of venom and anger, but precious few facts.) I feel they are free to believe what they like, but should recognize others' rights to honorable disagree with their interpretation of the facts.

I wrote a couple of years ago about the kind of pressure that I read was being put on any scientist who had doubts about toeing the Darwinist line. (Though there are better old blogs on the subject.) Kinda nice to see some follow up. Seems like every time I read a thread on a webboard or post where killing Christians in large numbers is put forth as a great idea, Dawkins' name comes up. Dawkins, in particular, is well known for his sneering anti-ID & anti-Deist comments, which usually are answered intelligently & politely, but not where the public can hear them. Was very pleased when Lennox debated him recently. They say he did a good job.

Dawkins has looked good thus far because of the indoctrination most everyone got at school & from PBS - and because of backing he has been getting. Look at who published him - the New York Times - look where this answer is - an obscure blog online. Behe may eventually get the chance to answer in some larger venue, I don't know, but it probably won't be anywhere near as big a stage as Dawkins got to make his snide comments. This is typical. The general public sees only what is published in the official papers & mags. You have to look online for any other answers - which makes it easier to define the debate & the terms on it in the public mind and call for even more strictures on these dissenters. Then these indoctrinated kids say the ID people never answer because they have no real answers & don't deserve any respect. ggrrrrr

Thankfully the machinery that protected so many radicals before has continued to protect a number of freethinkers now - but young academians have not always been so blessed. Young people trying to get their degree, or establish tenure, have reported being interrogated as to their worldview before being approved, which gives the appearance, at least of being an important factor in the decisions. Sometimes the questioning is on hot button issues which people often decide based on worldview - as in this man's case.

One case made the local paper - because the young man with ID views was allowed his degree after agreeing to write a traditional-based thesis as a hypothetical case. His professors approved it - over the objections of several of their colleagues who were, in the process, quite openly suggesting that a student's private world view should be taken into account before accreditation was permitted. Another case seems to have gone even more smoothly. Its the article that implies something amiss.

I have called the disrespectful treatment of ID & Creationist advocates persecution for the very good reason that it fits the textbook definition. They can face public ridicule and material reverses for taking a firm, but polite stand for what they believe to be true. From what I have read, seen, and heard - there are people are being denied respect and position their life skills and personal attainments should have put in their reach. People can agree to disagree on all kinds of things and still go forward.

I also want to take this moment to praise the professors who have refused to become thought police for humanist bigots. Requiring students to frame answers terms of 'currently accepted science' is reasonable. Recognizing the human rights of the students to reasonably doubt those theories on their own time is also reasonable.

Let's hear it for the reasonable people! *applauds*

Here's hoping this movie can open a few more eyes to the kind of bigotry that dissenters have had to face.

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