Saturday, May 04, 2013

Movin' On

Bishop Tony Johnson's FB comment
 "Often people want you to forget what they have done to you and move on like nothing happened.These are individuals who really underestimate your pain because they are so selfish that they can not relate to it."

Susan's thoughts:: 

Unfortunately, that is sometimes the case. We still have to forgive and move for our own sake, but we don't have to forget it happened or pretend the relationship isn't mortally damaged because of it. It just irritates me no end that people will make noises like this when they never tried to apologize, never tried to repair the damage, or even tried to do deliberately good things to offset the damage they did. Even the silly monkey in the old Curious George books understood the value of that last concept.

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On the bright side, this "Never Apologize!" policy from some makes it easier to appreciate others who may have misbehaved but did make an effort to be nicer than they were once rotten, actually apologized and behaved better afterward, or who simply cooled a bit when slander was said to them but refused to act on it (and warmed up later) 

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They aren't that hard to tell apart... I suppose this is a useful exercise when hard times finally end, but you still have to forgive and move on with your life. Not sure why the artist put the 'bad red' on the middlin' sin, those who actively contributed to making your life worse are the ones you really need to watch out for. 

My Scale
the worst- caused the hardships or actively made your trials much worse. betrayal
middlin' callous - abandoned you when you needed them. blew off your pain
smallest - did far less than they could have, even in encouragement, but stuck around at least!

Best- tried to help as they could, and let you know they cared about what you were going through.

 There are more kinds of people than that anyway. There are those who vaguely wished you better days but couldn't be bothered to say so. There are those who would bother to say encouraging things, but that was it (and maybe you barely knew each other so that wasn't strange.) People who tried to help but really couldn't because they had too many troubles of their own....
- and then. of course, are the millions/billions who never knew you in the first place, so your problems weren't even on their radar!

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