Friday, May 10, 2013

INFJ Panda

Once again I get the INFJ result. I am (still) Panda! Watch me eat bamboo! LOL Oh well, at least I'm cute & cuddly! (in a friendly, roly-poly way :)
      Actually, the write-ups (including the friendship, work, strengths etc) do describe me very well. I am still puzzled by how much I regard as choices (like idealism) are said to be a part of this 'personality type.' Perhaps this quiz reflects a mix of nature and worldview? Apparently I am the rarest type too (only 1% of the population is estimated to be INFJ.) That might explain why so few people understand where I'm really coming from. heh

This is the direct link for my result

The Arcane Front

Personality Type—Which are you?
[Full-size image:

Take the test (Bryers-Briggs Type Indicator):

Type Descriptions (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: 16 Total):

I'm an INTJ, which one are you?

ENFJ - sensitive, The Actor
ENFP - procrastinator, The Reporter
ENTJ - confrontational, The Pioneer
ENTP - dangerous, The Inventor
ESFJ - controlling,The Enthusiast
ESFP - lazy, The Ambassador
ESTJ - unemotional, The Director
ESTP - unpredictable, The Conqueror
INFJ - scared, The Empathic
INFP - avoidant, The Romantic
INTJ - impassive, The Analyst
INTP - vicious, The Observer
ISFJ - overworked, The Guardian
ISFP - nonverbal, The Peacemaker
ISTJ - impatient, The Pragmatist
ISTP - risky, The Artisan

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