Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dream Home?

When the subject of dream homes came up, I often haven't had much of an opinion. I think I liked French Provencal for a while as a tween, and leaned toward Neo-Classical for years, but only as an ideal. I have seen the inside of enough well maintained Federalist-style homes to realize that too much formalism is not something I'd want to live with daily. I loved the big Victorian-era mansion/farmhouse where I lived as a little one (with our friends), and for years I thought that's what I'd go for if I won the lottery or something, but I also loved that old log cabin mill-house in the country. I have fantasized about about cave homes, island getaways, hobbit homes in the hills, big tree houses... (but never that weird giant wasp ball in Riven ;)

I've been thinking about what kind of home I'd choose lately (if it was all up to me and I had lots of money) - largely because a FB friend has been exploring the idea for herself and sharing a dizzying array of photos featuring idealized settings in various styles. The stone and log cabin-y ones appeal to me most right now, with the tree-houses taking a close second. You know, like this one...

[ photo below is The old red grist mill, near Eminence Missouri
like>>>Most Amazing Pics in the World for more pic......]

or this... [image below taken from]

maybe with a waterfall like this nearby ^_^
[photo below from]
[image above from Ray Kellett Photography taken off FB from]

and the inside would be relaxing, spacious, inviting, sturdy, with plenty of textural interest... 


Dream Decorators ]

[photo above from

[image above from taken from ]

 hhmmm... I would so like a house like this, especially with less of the 2nd floor lost and a metalwork chandelier. (I'm not into hunting trophies.) I really like the stonework, the log cabin esthetic, and the backdrop of woods and misty mountains. Very relaxing! 

[photo below from]

Outside there would be flower planters like this...
[image below from]

and benches out in the lush yard...

[this bench image from New Funny & Amazing Pictures @

and a enclosed garden with walls of stone, where the herbs and roses grow...
[photo above from Old Moss Woman]

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