Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow? What Snow?

Its raining. Its pouring.
The roses are growing.
It warmed right back up
and delighted the ducks
who paddled about this morning!


I bother to mention the actual weather, because the national media keeps erroneously listing us as also getting the white stuff. We got like 2/3 of one inch..for about 12hrs...a few days ago. Its been chilly some days, mild other days. Today its mild and wet. Tomorrow it should clear up and give us warmer weather - and without the precipitation for once. :)

I guess most of the US is out of that drought now? I sure hope so. I know people were worried. Anyway, I hope your day has been at least as peaceful as ours. From what the news says, some folks are still stuck in airports and stuff.

We stayed home. DS was still a bit under the weather, but not so bad off he couldn't play with his goodies. We decided to have the snacky stuff today and hold off on the big meal until DS feels up to eating with us, which made Christmas Day more of a holiday than usual for ME. lol We had bought more snacks than we'd realized anyway. ;-)
The unwrapping is long over and its all quiet at the moment and will probably stay that way....until the kitties steal another bit of shiny wrapping paper from the bag. DH has been reading (He has a new Pratchett among other things). Mom's exploring her treats while wearing her new Indian scarf. DD has been reading the manga books she wanted. I just finished my moderating thingy on my wonderful new writer's keyboard. I don't know when I will get around to using the cool medieval-style quill pen & parchment set my family gave me, but I am already relishing the thought. All in all, its been a nice Christmas thus far. Hope yours is too.

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