Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ours was a quiet one with a lamb roast, couscous with pine nuts, and candied yams. Followed by lots of pumpkin pie :)

No, we didn't do the sales thing on Friday/Monday. Its never at a good time of the month for us, coming after two family bdays. Besides the best deals tend to be big ticket items we wouldn't be looking at anyway.

We spent the day putting our Christmas tree up and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We watch it every year, if nothing forbids. It adds so much to the day, like everybody in New York City is celebrating with you. I think its amazing those parades are never taped & repeated on television later or online anywhere, you know? They repeat everything these days...except for the Thanksgiving morning parades.

People work all year to make it happen and even with all the recording media handy and all the sponsors for this national shindig, when its over - its over. Unless you make a copy for yourself, your memories are the only thing you can share.

I suspect it must be too long to host. Mind you, if the ads & lengthy interviews with the 'stars of NBC's hit show XXX' were dispensed with...they could probably get 3 hrs down to 1. :)

It just occurred to me that I have never seen a full-length "Hits of the Macy's Day Parade" dvd or video or anything like that...ever. (I just checked Google, and I don't see a record of one either.) On the one hand, it guess gives my kids some slight experience with what tv was like growing VCRs, DVDs or ipod files - on the other hand, its seems kind of weird that that these clips are the best I can do to share an annual institution with you.

A lot of these were in this year's parade too, so that helps a bit. :)

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