Friday, November 06, 2009

Zelda gets to play! I already mentioned on Facebook that Muzzled - the 3rd episode of the Wallace & Gromit adventure series is free this weekend on the TellTale site (its free through Nov 9th)

AND that all their seasons are $20 through Nov 9th - almost half off!

Still...not everybody who reads this blog, reads my Facebook page, so while I apologize for the repetitions, I felt it worth mentioning once again. ;)

After looking into the Telltale goodies...I checked another email and found more video gaming wonderfulness - if you're a Zelda fan, anyway. The upcoming Zelda: Spirit Tracks looks very promising, as far as gameplay goes. Its about time Zelda got a turn alongside Link.

I am very happy Nintendo has continued the Wind Waker world. IMNSHO The Wind Waker is as iconic as Ocarina of Time or Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Its my personal favorite. Since I've been a fan of the Zelda series since the first game, I feel that's saying something. I just wish they would make a Wii version with the original cel-shaded look of the first game. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass suffered a bit for being shrunk to DS size. The trailer suggests Spirit Tracks is going to be just the same. If the game is good enough, this is forgivable. Honestly, it was that irritating timed main labyrinth...which you had to start from the very beginning EVERY TIME that ruined Phantom Hourglass for me (and MANY others, according to the reviews)...and even that lead balloon didn't get too heavy until I was more than halfway (maybe 2/3) through it. I was happily immersed for some time in the ship challenges & little islands quests. Phantom Hourglass was quite fun aside from that one central dungeon. Hopefully they won't repeat that error...and since its the same team & pattern, I feel quite hopeful that Spirit Tracks will be a keeper.

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