Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nice day w/ chance of frogs

Its a nice day again. They call for two days in the 70's then ...baddabbooomm..another storm which might be heavy rain, might be snow, might be nothing at all. Doesn't really bother me. I've lived with some kind of uncertainty all my life & learned to trust Christ for it. The frogs are happy already. I imagine they'll be ecstatic to get another of those mini-monsoons this area is prone toward receiving. It always nice to know that a good storm in the near future will ensure a higher amphibious population (and so reduce mosquitoes considerably!)

Tom is away getting his inspection done on his happy jeep. Its great his bud was able to fix the problem that sidelined it after that tropical system. Turned out most of it wasn't from the river/bay water washing up under it but from someone's attempt to break into it.

He even found those daffodils for his Mom for Easter. She found these special semi-wild ones many years ago in the woods & relocated a few to her own flower patch. She wanted them from the yard here when she moved over to her new house, but the bulbs we dug up for her didn't grow. The only ones that did bloom weren't the type she wanted. Every year since, when he has had time & sufficient health, he has looked for her special gone-wild daffodils in the woods. This year we are quite sure he has succeeded. I sure hope they bring her joy!

I've been looking up what policies & prices the area parks & museums have set, as just about everything comes up for renewal at this time of year. Some have gotten better and some much worse. Weirdest policy thus far was one Mariner's Museum had for some years - they had a 'yearly pass' for a family that was below their regular membership level --a good deal IF you could bring everyone in the house there at once when you bought the ticket. They literally wouldn't sell it to you otherwise. Tom was working out of town much of the time, so this was a major inconvenience. He's home now, of course, but wouldn't have been well enough to walk through their enormous museum the last couple of years (some buildings house entire full-sized vessels, from tugboats, ferries, & gondolas to coracles & bark canoes). Now that he is both here AND can walk a bit I can't find it listed. I'll have to find out in person if they have discontinued it or what. They've just added a truly major exhibit, the Civil War era ship Monitor, and may feel they can't afford to have any 'good deals' on admission now. May just wait and go with a group or on a free day. There are usually a few announced in the year. The best deals & biggest events are in Williamsburg/Jamestown this year & that is where I am likely to concentrate my efforts.

The Queen IS coming, just not the week they most wanted her to be here. Apparently she is timing her visit to see a major horse race as well. Reminds me of My Fair Lady ~ "'if the duke and earl and peer is here, and the one-who-should-be-here is here, what a smashing absolutely dashing spectacle the Ascot opening day" lol

Obviously the English aristocracy still love their horsies, but what amuses me most is the local commission's tendency to focus on European, Hollywood, & political notables to sell their events when what is being celebrated is the beginning of a very different way of life - one where everyone mattered. They don't seem to remember that our country deliberately did away with aristocratic titles. We could have had them. We already did have a few & some place names here still remember those days. George Washington chose NOT to be king. He was offered the title by our congress with the blessing of the people, but he felt it would -in time -betray all they had worked and fought for if we reproduced the class system of Europe on America's shores.

Something to think on as we wander on off to the park again. The kids did their testing on an earlier date because Tom was supposed to be having that last surgery soon, but he wasn't approved for it yet. Worried me no end for a week or two but Tom is doing much better now so I am breathing in the relief. May as well enjoy the grace we've been given in this good weather

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