Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yay! Snow!

We finally saw a touch of old Man Winter recently. Nice big heavy flakes of the ole frozen stuff came in over the one evening (and had melted by the next - but that's life here!)

Finally! Good weather for hot cocoa

& We have a chance of more snow tonight!


Rebehm said...

Watching that particular snow storm(well, for us it was a snow storm) was delightful. Unfortunately, it was falling so thick and fast I was afraid that it would get into the camera. lol

(There is another photo of the snow at my blog if you are interested)

Anonymous said...

Have you had any snow since then?

- Liz

Shushan said...

Nope! Nought but few flakes swirling vainly in a gusterly breeze. lol

Supposedly it snowed over us a few days ago, but the weatherman said it was evaporating before anything reached the ground.

We have had a few cold weather days, however. Hopefully that'll enough to keep down the mosquitoes in spring.

Susan :D

Shushan said...

Well you know *I* like your pictures, Becka. Its YOUR picture that's on this blog as well. :D All mine looked blurry. Haven't mastered the new camera yet, I guess. Thanks for letting me 'borrow' it for my blog, Dear One.