Wednesday, January 24, 2007

worthy of note?

So many small blogs go unwritten. Its seems like I 'blog' in my thoughts ten times more often than I write anything down here. I think of so many things to share from the fun minutiae of our family life, to small thoughts inspired by some books/docs/films/games/ other, to the odd details in the news that stood out to me...and I just don't get around to it. I blanked again when I sat down to write this evening - and I must have had dozens of great thoughts to share with you over the last week or so. Maybe they weren't so important after all. heh

I guess I'll just throw out some random tidbits 'for whom it may concern."

There is finally a 'real' Discworld movie (most of us don't count those cartoons), and its great! "Hogfather" was released as special Christmas week holiday treat in the UK (& SkyOne sat), and thanks to another person's generosity, we got to see it too. It is very enjoyable & very close to the feel of Terry's highly imaginative works. I wish it had been in the theaters here. We felt it was at least as good as the movies that were offered. Hope they offer it on dvd or something. I'd love to own a copy!

Talking about Christmas & happy things, My family made a real effort to get me things I didn't expect to see. I am now the happy owner of a number of my favorite old perfumes, book 2 of the Babylon Rising series, music cds I've wanted for years, Barrow Hill & Nancy Drew adventure games, also Bookworm on disc so I can play offline - [& I just love playing Bookworm!], several happy old family films on dvd (like Ustinov's Death on the Nile, 3/4Musketeers, Camelot, Black Adder vol 1, old Sherlock Holmes, and more). Basically they tried as hard for me as I did for them - and I am amazed and humbled by the love they have shown me. Some of the presents from friends were cool too. :)

Our New Year was quiet enough, which is just how we like it. lol - but there were things happening round & about. Just read that the UK finished repaying their loans to the USA from before, during, and after WW II on Dec 31st, 2006. Its great that they did, of course. I don't think many of us knew anyone kept track of all that. I was surprised the old debt hadn't been lost in some cold war agreement paperwork shuffle - as part of NATO treaties or whatever.

We keep jjuuusssttt missing the warm storms from the south AND the wintry ones from the north - or these weather systems are missing us - or something. Normally we can relate to at least ONE of the big weather news stories of the day, but for the last few months we've been mostly observers. We have moderately chilly weather at the moment - and another chance for snow in a couple of days as we are on the boundary area again.. I am most definitely not complaining. This has been a rather exciting fall & winter for many folks in the US and parts of Europe (90 mph in downtown London?? eep!). While its peaceful here I can spend a bit more time praying for other areas. Very sorry to hear about those guys & that family's father who were lost in the mountains & valleys of Oregon.

Some very good meat deals are starting to turn up again, but I am a bit concerned as to the probable reason for it. I heard on the news that thousands of animals may have frozen in the big ranching states. If you have a big freezer & the ability to power it in an outage - you may want to stock up when such deals come near you. It was wild to see frozen fountains in California! Sadly this may mean that orange juice may also be in short supply later this year - or at least very expensive.

Webb's response to the president's speech was rather good. Very much appreciated hearing him speak about the squeeze on the middle class & the practical cost of our involvements overseas. He wasn't mean about it though, and this was good to see as well. We've seen plenty of Bush Jr & Sr in the area with all the excitement of the latest commissioned vessels, Jamestown's 400th anniversary coming up, etc. I definitely enjoy the "explorers" theme the commission has chosen, both as a history buff & a Myst fan. Its already a big deal but I can only imagine how pumped folks will get if Queen Elizabeth II does turn up for it next spring (as she says she will). Not doubting the Queen will seek to keep her royal word, but overseas jaunts can be a bit daunting for senior citizens. She'll get a warm reception if she does make it! Wonder if she knows how many int'l types dwell in the Wmsbrg/Jamestown area. Probably.

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