Monday, November 21, 2005

Not so tasty cookies

Many of you know I love to share sweet baked treats with my family & friends, but I didnt arrange these. Some not so tasty cookies from a not very nice person seemed to have been attached to my site in the last couple of days. I contacted blogger about it immediately, giving the technical data my security returned to me, and they seem to be gone already. Hopefully I gave blogger enough info to chase down the culprit.

The SSL is false. They were not the usual session cookies. I've been told that MANY sites (especially blogs) of people who have been related to the Myst community have been hosting these precise cookies (they are actually pretty distinctive).

So please clear your browser cookie cache, if you don't usually do so on a regular basis already. It is a good idea to clear them everyday, as too many will slow down your computer on and, eventually, even off the 'net.

Now here's a sweeter idea for your perusal:



Anonymous said...

I like the cookies you make... not the computer ones but the chocolate chip sort. :D

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the card. And the Halloween one I think you sent too.

I'm just way behind in replying to things lately.


I'll be sending out Christmas cards soon hopefully. I need to get lots of people's addies I haven't been able to find lately.

~L~ Tired Blue Girl

Blog Biscuit said...

I hate when people do mean things.
I like the recipe you shared though.