Sunday, November 13, 2005

I am:

(from Jennifer's blog)

I am: redeemed
I miss: hanging out with some of you
I want: many things that could make a differrence!
I have: an amazing family
I fear: very little
I play: adventure games
I never: seem to get to the end of my to-do list
I hear: a history documentary on Sparta
I care: about people
I smile: because I am happy
I wonder: how long until Christ returns
I poke: pillows to see the dent
I love: my family
I mess: up my typing
I think: about which project to work on next
I always: dream up stories
I am not: a bigot
I wish: I knew how to play musical instruments
I keep: a great many notes
I can't: do every thing I'd like to
I write: often
I lose: well, I'm trying to lose weight
I smell: leaves on the damp wind
I confuse: positive and negatives in my writing sometimes
I dance: only near soft surfaces (I B klutzy)
I sing: along with Lamb
I laugh: at Pat's jokes
I cry: "please think for yourself!"
I talk: freely, only to friends
I am: wondering what you will say...

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