Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mind Candy

Tom had a bad evening again last night. His health is definitely slipping. For awhile I hoped the lingering symptoms would clear up on their own, but that doesnt seem to be the direction things are taking. I sure hope the next tests clearly reveal the cause! Found myself very inclined toward the more entertaining parts of life both when he first got back home last night & again today. Instead of the prophets, crochet, & Alaric the bold, I am suddently far more interested in Jeeves, Poirot, & adventure gaming. I know what it is. Mind candy. I had been deliberately switching back to more serious studies and efforts of late, but its hard to do at times like this. I'm about certain to add another humor game to my computer very shortly (probably Feeble Files), though I am thoroughly stuck in two games already & making steady progress on the GBA game. Just the same, I'm better than I used to be. I'm not trying 'escape' into these things anymore. Just seeking to 'sweeten' my mood before trying to cheer him. I've been learning to read Psalms & Isaiah & the epistles when I feel this way first & that helps me keep focussed.

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