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Its another quiet day at home with no particular plans besides the usual homeschool lessons, web surfing, etc. I'm not bored, though. Truth is I can't find enough hours in the day for what I want to get done. Haven't worked on my sewing in over 2 weeks thanks to that weird headache/bug I had (and Mom's Bday & other things). I should do more of that soon. Hey, at least I got more of my crocheting done while resting. heh

We did finally get Rebecca's site up which took more of my time than expected. She did the work herself but I was 'debugger' as well as chief design critic. Its not what I would have made but she has at last put all her 'ready to share' pictures in one place. That is definitely progress!

recent happy thingies :D
Still enjoying those amazing hand-blown glass goblets tipped in gold that Tom found for me for Valentine's Day ...& the new washing machine.

Now reading:: The Civilization of the Middle Ages by Norman Cantor, Scribbling in the Sand by Michael Card, Favorite parts of the Bible right now are ~ Psalms, Proverbs, & Paul's letters to the Galatians, Ephesians, Corinthians & Romans

& studying Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekial, & the last prophets (Nahum, Micah, Habakkuk etc) as time permits. If I understand what I'm reading correctly, the US, and indeed the whole world is in for very hard times in the near future. Its hard to believe judgement will be much longer delayed.

recently finished: rereading~ The Long War Against God by Dr Henry C Morris & essays from a few C.S. Lewis collection. Morris' books are heavy on reference and position. I don't always agree with everything he has to say but I do with most of it. Reading him cheek to jowl with C.S. was deliberate, as this approach normally helps my own critical faculties. I wanted this after the most recent mention in an acquaintance's blog made me aware how long it had been since I had reviewed those works. I found Morris' arguments more convincing than before. Nice to know other believers agree. :-)

just finished playing:: the Apprentice, Nick Bounty:CotC ~ Fun enough but too short!

Other Worlds, which was incredibly long for a freebie. I liked it aside from the anti-Myst cracks in part 2 & the ending, which I found nonsensical & a tad depressing. Tom opined that he must have been having a spat with his better half about then. All in all, it was a very good effort considering it was Alkis' first game.

& Simon the Sorcerer 2 ~ and now I'm not sure I played it before. If that wasn't the other Simon-esque game I played years ago, what DID I play back then? Discworld 1? It did seem a little familiar when I 'finally' got a copy. hhmmm...

Now playing: Mario & Luigi's Superstar Saga, very slowly indeed.
I started over on it while Tom was in the hospital. Its a tremendously fun little rpg on the Gameboy SP & I'm in no hurry to finish it. I especially enjoy the Chockorok bounce & some of the other minigames.

Myst IV:Revelation :: Actually, I spend more time looking at its box and thinking I should get back to playing it than actually turning it on.
I can only play Myst IV on our newest compy, which is much in demand. That doesnt help. (Rebecca uses it often for her rendering , fractals & photo-shopping. & Mom loves Uru now) But that's not the only thing. The unprofessional stupidity that accompanied my finally getting my free promotional copy (name was picked in a drawing) was also offputting. Despite the delay, I was fairly happy to see it & thanked those I understood, from my direct queries to the company & their responses, to be responsible. That should have been the end of things...a considerably delayed, but happy, ending. Postma, however, went spare at not being thanked. I have good reason to suppose that I actually thanked the right people and said as much, rather sharply. Then Postma used information never personally given to her to harass my family by phone at our house, and this was well after business hours. Ubisoft has promised this abuse will not recur. Good, but as long as they choose such people to represent them, officially employed or not, its hard to have much confidence in their handling. We have, therefore, taken some steps of our own & prepared. Now the sad thing is this, had this promotion been handled properly from the outset, I would have had a much better opinion of everyone involved. As it is, I'm not at all surprised at the rumors I've heard & I will certainly never order directly from that company again. I am aware that this all just background noise as far as the game is concerned. Development & Marketing are 2 different departments. Its just that I never managed to work up much enthusaism for Myst IV & it still hasn't 'caught' me as the other games did. Maybe it will after a bit. I did very much enjoy that first puzzle with Atrus, & will readily allow that Tomahna is very prettily done. RAWA said that the brother's Ages in Myst IV were close to what they had in mind in Myst & this has at last stirred some fresh curiosity. Maybe I'll check that out soon.

Haven't done much with Atlantzone or Sherlock Holmes:Silver Earring yet either. Soon maybe.

Last night I kept Tom company upstairs & played bits of Spyro 3 for the umpteenth time. Hope they find whatever this is on the cat scan Monday. We are all weary with waiting & trying_not_to_worry_too_much. On the upside, this has probably had a lot to do with our increased seriousness about our faith, what we'll stand for etc. As we lean on Christ ever more, we grow stronger within and are more at peace than ever before. His grace is with us.

Probably should get back to compiling a digital ref doc for CR as I did for Z:R. Wonder if I'll ever hear anything about my submission(s). ah well. Wait & see. I've plenty of other things to work on when I feel creative. Might be nice if I would spend some time making the Myst fanfic novel available for others to read. I quit revising the plot & the characters well over a year ago. It is what it will be & I need to get it done/published. She probably doesnt care now, but it would be nice if Tina finally saw what was written in her honor. It bothers me that my site hardly mentions the person I liked best during my most involved years in the Myst community.

Weather continues to be mildly chilled & generally overcast..except when it rains. This is, however, better than it could have been. All we've gotten of this week's 'winter storm' was a few tiny ice pellets mixed in with a surprisingly warm rain. Our cats enjoyed pouncing them for a bit, but then Pahket decided she'd much rather curl up inside out of the wet, so Greylady stomped off and sulked. Sadie watched horrified from the windows for the first part & horrified from the stairs when Pahket came in. I think she was jealous ~ as she's not allowed out yet. (soon, I hope) Her big thing yesterday was eating a pair of Rebecca's headphones. NOBODY expected that. There was still food in her bowl too. It will be good when she can work off some of her energy with the other kitties.

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