Wednesday, June 27, 2012

B + (within wise limits)

Jeannie says "I'm glad God didn't have this attitude. I'm also glad that His resources (including Wisdom) are unlimited so that I can draw on them when I run out of "deposits" from people."

Me too! 

IMO This picture truly does represent the limits of carnal humans. You need more positive than negative input to remain more positive and giving yourself.  The only way to get beyond it is to ask & receive a replenishment on your 'account' by the Holy Spirit. You can keep giving and remaining positive even when your whole world is negative, if you keep your worshipful focus on Jesus. In fact, your cup of kindness can continue to overflow!

One note though, while God's ability to replenish us is unlimited, sometimes He does not choose to honor the request to keep being filled so we can keep on giving beyond our natural limits/means, especially to ungrateful, worldly people. He will always sustain us, but if you are abiding in Him and your ability to cope is still diminishing, its best to double-check in prayer that you are acting wisely. 

We do need to pray about how much we let ourselves be used when trying to be salt & light & a good witness etc. Sometimes what sounds like what we 'ought' to do - like draining ourselves into the red emotionally, financially etc - is 'casting pearls before swine' who won't see the sacrifice of love as it is - but as proof we are weak, meant to be exploited etc. If our gifts of kindness would only harden them in sin then we ought not to do it, even if we are trying to love them. 

There are times when Christ himself has told us not to pray for someone or told us to ignore what seemed like a reasonable request, even though He had given us grace to help before. God alone knows the all the reasons, outcomes, and balances on the ledger, so I listen. I will help and pray for people who have wronged me when He asks, knowing He will always abound in grace towards me -  keeping my inner balance positive - when He wants me to give this way. I won't need their friendship or gratitude to be fulfilled when I am acting with God!  However, I will also stand aside in obedience when I know that is what God wants from me. My ability to give of myself in love outside God's will is going to be distinctly limited anyway. This a truth Christians should keep in mind.

Always being available to be used in love sounds good, but its not entirely Biblical. Its like the injunction to be ready to give a reason for our faith, in season and out of season. Some have interpreted this as we should be evangelizing everyday, everywhere. To be ready to speak is not the same as we should always be speaking. Sometimes we are to be quiet about what God has done for us, like those Christ healed who wanted to publicly worship and were told directly NOT to tell those in the nearest town/priests/crowds. Those who disobeyed Jesus ended up limiting his ministry in that area, even though most meant well.


dec said...

Love it. I certainly don't mean to come across as a doormat Christian (that kind annoys me as much as the debt-collectors!). Great clarification to what I meant to say. Thank you, my sister!

Shushan said...

Yep, I was sure you were going in a similar direction. I was just fleshing out my thoughts here.

I am acutely aware of those who would cynically manipulate our faith against us - if we allowed it, ('hang em on their own rules' mentality.) That mindfulness comes across in discussions like this. It isn't aimed at anyone in particular. :)