Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still Movin' Slow

You'd think this long after the surgery things would be all better, right? they aren't worse either. Its just that Tom is healing slow, at least in part because he had all these gaps under the repairs. They have had to add a wound vac to close them after the drainage started to 'unzip' an area on the incision. The pressure treatment is working a treat. The recommended protein drinks have also proved a considerable help. Its just going to take time. Its amazing how the hours fly by without my having done 1/3 of what I expected. I haven't read much and I am not playing games aside from the DS short games I have on my DS (great for office visits) & the lengthy Lufia II rpg that Tom finds restful.

I have made /some/ progress on my latest crochet project...a simple brown & white blanket. I finished Becka's poncho. I haven't made Mom's yet, but that's okay. She hasn't finished mine either. LOL Becka is slowly working toward posting her CG projects & studying for tests. DS is doing well with his leather crafts (he's tooling a belt) & studying math, history, English etc... Almost caught up with laundry this last week. Hoping to get ahead [finally!] this week. Have to wait & see. I finally made that Facebook page. Looks like there's a bit of a learning curve involved, but I think I am getting the hang of it. The Shelfari widget for it doesn't seem to work...

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