Monday, August 31, 2009

Only in God -Psalm 62

Meant to post this as my devotional thought yesterday [again- I know posted this a year ago]...but then I didn't go online at all. SO- praying this is as big a blessing to you on this Monday as it is to me whenever I meditate upon Psalm 62. Psalm 23 & Psalm 91 are more famous, and also a huge blessing, but this one means the most to me. I read Psalms about everyday, plus whatever regular bit I am rereading...often I just open my Bible anywhere and refresh my mind with whatever I find...but I need those 'God Songs' in my heart everyday or I tend to get stressed. Looking at God for everything and thanking Him daily for things He has done and is doing already eases a LOT of worry about the future, let me tell you!

(adaptation by John Michael Talbot)

Only in God is my soul at rest;
In Him comes my salvation.
He only is my Rock,
My strength and my salvation.

My stronghold, my Savior;
I shall not be afraid at all!
My stronghold, my Savior;
I shall not be moved!

Only in God is found safety,
When enemies pursue me.
Only in God is found glory,
When I'm found weak and found lowly.

© 1980 Birdwing Music/BMG Songs, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

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