Sunday, September 07, 2008

Working things out

We did get that half-off leather kit, as it will be a few weeks until we know if DS's necessary orthodontic work is covered. He has made his first set of moccasins. We bought a little extra leather so his older sister could also make a pair, and those came out reasonable well too, despite interference from the kitties. They stole laces, and hissed at the finished products, until they'd been worn enough to pick up some people scent. Its hard to make 'craft' moccasins tight, the pattern is very generalized, but you do get that sense of - hey, I can make what I need! Once you've made your simple shoe, you feel less intimidated about working out what tweaks or embellishments might improve your basic model. You start to see yourself as a 'can do' type person. That's what DH & I found so freeing when we did these crafts as teens. Glad to see the both of them get that same experience. DS will be making a belt soon, learning tooling. Tell you how that goes.

Both young'uns are being very good about keeping up their Wii fit exercise. Becka, especially, is getting some results. DS balance is improving noticeably! Mom was a bit discouraged that several of the games need her to move quicker than she can, but she still putters with it now and then.

Math arrived and DS dove right into it. He's quite enthused, thus far. Shifted to World History readings for now. We can get back to the Middle Ages later.

We're still getting some nice veggies from the garden, though its begun to slow down in this unusually dry summer. We didn't even get that much rain from T.S. Hannah. We're not at drought level, but this is usually a wetland, and all the drainage ditches (many are more like moats) are built with that in mind.

& I did get some Wisteria pictures uploaded. they all are!

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