Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Card

Its Sunday, and in honor of El Shaddai on this Protestant Sabbath, I decided I'd like to share from one Christian artist whose work blesses me every often, most every day. I am blessed by his music, his books, and the witness of his and his wife's life. He shares decent devotionals too. Card's loves the Mysteries of our faith, and has found great consolation in Christ for the worldly Things We Leave Behind. (What John Michael Talbot - JMT called 'the marvelous exchange').

It bothers me that the artists who have most encouraged me to walk closely with Jesus Christ are often marginalized by the largest Christian venues. I am sincerely hoping that showing a few samples of his work here will bless you so much you will look for them from your favored Christian music suppliers. Michael Card's site allows you to buy directly if you don't know any others. You can buy the dvd with all these and many more of his greatest hits on too ^_^ Its called "Scribbling in the Sand"

"Starkindler" is my husband's favorite, from the Starkindler cd.

"Why?" [My favorite version of this song is on the Brother to Brother cd with JMT.]

"Love Crucified Arose"

"God's Own Fool" from Scandalon

"Poem of Your Life" (Poiema) is one of the best Christian living songs I ever heard. Its become virtually my personal mission statement ever since I first heard it. May the poem of my life ever praise my Lord & King!

Here's Michael Card in a concert in our area.
"Come Lift Up Your Sorrows" from his album The Hidden Face of God

May we always find "Joy in the Journey" as we wend our way toward heavenly shores

All Praise to our Risen Redeemer!

Grace Be With you All

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Kathi said...


I appreciated your comment on my post and have enjoyed perusing yours! Isn't it wonderful to find believers via the net! May the Lord bless and keep you as you continue proclaiming His praises! Thanks for the help finding Michael Card on Utube!