Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally! some pics

This is a very small smattering of the photographs we taken this year, but the delay and small selection hasn't been entirely my fault.

Every service I have ever seen online has been glitchy sometime, and I ran into a snag the last time I seriously tried to upload everything. Some pictures I know I added just didn't stay up. I was disappointed that one of them was a spectacular shot of a wisteria 'waterfall' in the nearby woods - which is probably why I didn't bother to post then, figuring I'd make some time and fix it soon. This decision seems to have resulted in sharing nothing for months - so - now that I've teased you sufficiently about the one that got away- here are some of the others. lol

These are mostly from this spring.

Seriously, I will make an effort to upload the wisteria picture soon. :-)


Lesley said...

What wonderful pictures! I so enjoyed them. Can't wait to see the waterfall...someday. LOL :)

Romankids said...

Beautifully photographed. I have enjoyed taking a little look at your blog.

On another note, I've not seen photos used with photobucket. I think I will have to start using that too! The slide show seems to move through very quickly.

Thank you for visiting my little neck of the woods in New Zealand.

Maree, Rotorua, New Zealand