Monday, May 12, 2008

Pirates of Penzance

I had been looking for a decent recording of Penzance (off and on) for YEARS when a friendly acquaintance got a line on an old VHS for me. While waiting, the discussion inspired me to go looking for the '83 movie version done with Kevin Kline, Linda Ronstadt, Angela Lansbury et al online - and I found that some of it is on Youtube broken into 4-10 minute intervals.

I have loved G&S operettas so long I can't remember my first introduction to them. I saw quite a few musicals when I was young, think it must have been then. My life has never been that easy. Little wonder that I love to laugh - and they make me laugh, so I love them. :))

Gilbert and Sullivan operettas are what I think of as painless education. They count as classics AND they are STILL hilarious! "Pirates of Penzance" & "The Mikado" are my favorite Gilbert & Sullivan operettas of all time. It helps even more if you've ever participated in one of them personally in community theater. Though as a young maid, I made a reasonable Pitti Sing, I never played in a Penzance production. I received my favorite recording of "The Mikado" for Christmas one year (Stratford festival - 1980's), but Penzance has continued to evade. Mind you, I wouldn't mind finding this '92 version of the Mikado...

So there you go! You can now answer a few more Jeopardy clues with confidence.

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