Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hanging on a Moment

Sometimes life isn't lived day by day, but moment by moment--seeking guidance and peace with every breath, trying to stay in the grace, mercy, and peace of Yeshua. I've seen plenty of seasons like that in my life. I am not as stressed as I might once have been by a series of curve balls, and I have certainly seen much worse ones, even in recent years but... it sure hasn't been boring lately! The car broke down while I was out with my Mom & kids but stopped at the post office right by the auto parts store. I didn't know it was overheating when I shut it down but it was a good thing I did! Tom was able to come and repair it about immediately because it was already off when we found out there was a problem. That was definitely grace in action.

Becka is facing her big test in a week - presuming the right kind of certificate gets here in time for her to get her ID. If it doesn't we'll have to reschedule. Should be fine, but I always tend to stress right along with my kids. Its a Mom thing.

Some idjits had been stepping up their stupidity in the woods and neighborhood roads lately - but this may become a breakthrough for us as it has resulted in Tom finally getting to talk things out with the newer neighbors about how things look from our side. The police were able to start patrolling more, which helped, but this new cooperation could result in a more peaceful times if everybody will watch for these yahoos at once. A couple more of them have been positively identified & the law has been informed. This is good!

The elderly neighbor seems to have moved in with somebody. Her house isn't for sale but she is hardly ever there. I hope she's happy in her new situation. She seems to be doing okay when she checks on the place.

God has blessed us to cause yet another winter storm bypass us. We were on the boundary line yet again and only saw a few sprinkles. I love to see snow in winter, but I have no warm and fuzzies for freezing rain so I am very grateful for this! Tom had to repair my sink after the cold snap too. That's never fun, but it could have been much worse. We're going to see about re-wrapping the pipes on that side when we can. The construction guys have started the process for that too. The yard repairs have recommenced in fits and starts. Its nerve racking when the equipment is here, but it is good to have progress.

Uru has launched & hurray for Cyan - but its still rather wild & woolly in there. Right now I feel like I am being friend enough just keeping my affiliation for Uru Live in Gametap. I went in to meet friends who agreed to check it out the community again and see if they liked it - and it was buggy in about every way imaginable for everyone. The most entertaining bug was one that warped me from one side of a neighborhood to another as I walked down some stairs. whee!

My friends loved the graphics, the voice chat options, and the Ages (not everybody had played the first Uru offline. tsk tsk) but I don't think they were favorably impressed with the experience in its entirety :/ Its one thing for a game to be slow to load, laggy, quirky, and not quite doing as expected but nobody really LIKES apps that crash their computer. When the culprit is a game - online, no less- its hard for many people to justify taking the risk. Some people claim there is no risk being online with your computer off, BSoD-ing, or rebooting -but, the majority do not believe this. I know I don't. Too many bugs in the past have sought to reboot machines so as to slip something past people's protections.

Here's hoping they can make this graceful bird soar. They have another chance to make something memorably cool & save their company while doing what they love best. I am still rooting for them. I sincerely hope they find whatever or whoever is causing the worst problems. If they can just do that, Uru will be worth everyone's time -including yours. If you are feeling adventurous, please feel free to check them out now.

On the home front, our son loves his new haircut. We took him to the new place and the lady asked him what sort of cut he wanted. William agreed that something like the short style a fellow was sporting in a big picture on the wall would be okay (as long as it didn't stand up like that :) The stylist agreed to skip the gel and set to work. When she was done both she and our ds were drawing compliments from the other customers and stylist, because she had indeed managed to duplicate the haircut exactly --and it suited our son admirably!

Also, I said a bit ago that Kol Simcha was the only thing now that I hadn't been able to replace in one way or another. Well, no longer! We have the cd albums we missed for so long --and they are just as big a blessing as we remembered. The ministry re=released them and we were able to get in touch. Praise God! I especially recommend 'Sound of Joy.' You can hear snippets here

& I have just gotten a ton of other adventure games to play in whatever free time I can find. I even won a new one- Secrets of Atlantis! WOOHOO!!! This time the experience was what it ought to be. I got the game in a couple of weeks of having my name drawn with a sincere-sounding note of Congratulations! from those running the drawing. It was a delight to respond in kind, and thank them most joyfully for the wonderful gift which I am now enjoying!

So we've definitely still got some trials but we also have reasons for happiness. Biggest disappointment at the moment is that we haven't yet won the lottery

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