Monday, December 11, 2006

Seasonality :D

Tis the part of the season when I dust off ye olde Christmas Links and find out what still works.

You can still read a wonderful devotional each day at Following the

or arrange a simple nativity scene here

or even listen to a few Christmas carols online

& now its time for a little mindless fun. buahahaha!

Our two day cold snap has already gone but a few snow-covered games can restore the wintry spirit well enough ;)

You can shake up a snowglobe

see some neat interactive seasonal cards

or play with peennggguuiinnsss.......

Miniclip Games - Penguin Push
Penguin Push

Push all the ice blocks into the yellow holes.

Play this free game now!!
or do some snowball stacking. You'll want some hot cocoa after this

Miniclip Games - Snowman Stacker
Snowman Stacker

Toss and stack snowballs to make the tallest snowman.

Play this free game now!!
This one was almost too simple to list. The more you click the more pressies appear.

(I just like the fact I managed to get 39 clickies in the time limit :)

Miniclip Games - Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Get loads of presents.

Play this free game now!!
In this one you knock the penguins back in their pool

Miniclip Games - Penguin Arcade
Penguin Arcade

Keep as many penguins as possible from escaping their pool!

Play this free game now!!
[We had very good news about our relative today! Yay!!!!!!! :-D]

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