Sunday, December 31, 2006

Remembering Ford

The news in my area is dominated by the remembrances of former Pres. Gerald Ford. I knew very little about his administration when it happened, being very young at the time, but I never heard anything bad about the guy really. A biography special seemed to confirm what little I *had* noticed- that he was genuinely patriotic, a stalwart friend to those fortunate enough to have gained it, modest in his ambassadorial dealings after his administration ended, and slow to criticize others. I am sure he wasn't perfect. No one in this life is perfect. I can say, however, that he always made a good impression on me. I am glad he had one last Christmas with his family. I am glad that the New Year's celebrations here and in D.C. have been altered to instead honor the life of an honorable man.

God bless.

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